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  1. abecketts

    Back in a Mercedes

    its been a while but i'm back in a Merc, running a X250 and it seems to be a very capable thing, it replaces a disco 2 and a lexus rx but it does look like a hearse as tis in black. i appreciate it is a nissan in drag with certain tweaks and modifications.
  2. abecketts

    w210 estate boot cover

    just discovered i still have this despite selling the car 6 years ago, free, collection from nr Devizes
  3. abecketts

    W210 Estate Plastic Boot Cover

    Last call before it gets recycled, I also have a W210 set of rear seats in black leather, no seat belts. Thanks Paul
  4. abecketts

    W210 Estate Plastic Boot Cover

    free to a good home, collection from SN104EN Thanks Paul
  5. abecketts

    Guess my new car

    Lovely looking car Charles, I'm running 2 166 3.0 at the moment, the busso soundtrack is delightful. The newly acquired 166 is going to be going to Autolusso for a quaife lsd. Your comment about spares isn't too much of a worry thus far although only about 400 left in the country. enjoy the GT...
  6. abecketts

    crazy price for w129 500sl pre facelift even for a minter

    Reg number dose not seem to exist on mot history check
  7. abecketts

    Anyone seen any good number plates on cars lately?

    In Hertford today on a white 320d BMW TH11KEY, says everything......
  8. abecketts

    Cheap for 600bhp?

    Was that rewrap your rse?
  9. abecketts

    Sytner Audi Reading

    Came across this in the telegraph today, poor, poor guy and I hope due process comes through to punish the management and directors of Sytner
  10. abecketts

    Yadgar Curry?

    2 dinners...are you a Hobbit?
  11. abecketts

    Yadgar Curry?

    Just remember it's on Wednesday...........
  12. abecketts

    Yadgar Curry?

    I'm not driving back up..... :-) just make sure folks know the days of the week......
  13. abecketts

    Yadgar Curry?

    Great evening thanks, food as per usual was excellent.
  14. abecketts

    Yadgar Curry?

    I've arrived in Glasgow, am I getting a taxi or is a man in a BMW feeling generous?
  15. abecketts

    MBclub APP on Apple App Store

    I'm using it to reply to you to say it works fine, posts like this are best under the feedback and testing thread.
  16. abecketts

    Yadgar Curry?

    A sober evening in Glasgow, who'd have thought it......
  17. abecketts

    Yadgar Curry?

    I'm happy with whatever HB orders save the brothel that is........
  18. abecketts

    Yadgar Curry?

    Can I ask the locals how driech will it be on Wednesday, I'm thinking of choice of vehicle for the journey.
  19. abecketts

    W210 Accessories

    Roof box now gone, just the w210 estate boot tray to go
  20. abecketts

    Yadgar Curry?

    us poor infidels might have to find another location.....
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