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    WINTER WHEELS and tyres, good condition

    Selling my e coupe so selling my winter wheels with tyres. In good condition with plenty of tread, you should get another 3 winters out of these. They are stored all year round at my local MB dealer. Cost over £1000 new, offers around £600 plus delivery/collection. A very worthy investment...
  2. J

    its been a while....

    In Rotherham this morning, saw this and chuckled. [YOUTUBE HD]Y0zD_qUFCOs[/YOUTUBE HD] for those that can't see embedded youtube:
  3. J

    W207 front spoiler and wing fitting e coupe 2011

    I have just had my front bumper repaired after it was hit in a Carpark (nothing major) but when I came to check it today I can see where the wing joins the bumper, it is flexing out and you can push it in/out. Looking at the opposit side I assume there is a fixing underneath. Does anyone have...
  4. J

    AMG PETRONAS event 27th June Woburn Abbey

    Anyone going to the 2 events at Woburn Abbey? First is a ride and drive in AMG vehicles and then a cocktail/dinner that evening. Looks like it could be a nice event with some big personalities there :D
  5. J

    Redundancy of my job

    unfortunately my 17 years long service doesnt mean much to the new investors after the MBO and I feel that I am been "escorted" out. had my first redundancy letter last thursday emailed to me at 9:01 and then my first meeting at 10:45. I have gathered quite some evidence that can show they are...
  6. J

    C207 E Class Coupe airbox (above the battery)

    What is this box for? there isnt any filter in there at all, should there be? This feeds down into the cabin where the cabin combination filter is but wondered why there is a big airbox above the battery with nothing in it?
  7. J

    iphone 4 16gb Orange/EE

    For Sale: iphone 4 16gb Orange/EE Selling my iphone 4, it is in excellent cosmetic condition with no scratches at all . The only minor (but unnoticeable) thing is there is 1 dead/stuck pixel near the top left of the display. You can only really see this when the screen is black. As the screen...
  8. J

    £50 OCADO Shopping voucher for sale - £25

    Minimum spend is £80 but I have a code that will get you £50 off your shopping. Want £25 (will take paypal), unfortunately they dont deliver to my house. I got the voucher for spending over £500 for a new appliance.
  9. J

    Left the washer out and it disappeared

    Saved me a call to the council I guess :dk: [YOUTUBE HD]ZuSKraUoydI[/YOUTUBE HD] Washer Gone - YouTube
  10. J

    Any Roofers on here? - Flat bay roof

    I have a bedroom bay window with a flat roof and the main roof being tiled flows all the rain water on to this flat roof. It has been re-felted a few years ago and is sound apart from when it rains. The roof appears to be angled away from the house (for obvious reasons) to allow the rain to...
  11. J

    Blackvue DR380G-HD installed!

    These cameras seem to be more mainstream now and a recent "incident" I had the other month pushed me into getting one. As I approached some lights, the road branches out to two lanes although only enough room for 2 vehicles in the right hand lane. The lights were on red but as there were 3...
  12. J

    Apple iMac 1.83ghz intel core duo 2gb 320gb

    Selling my trusty Apple imac (White plastic 2006 intel model) due to moving over to a portable mac. specs are as title (had memory and hard drive upgraded from standard) X1600 Ati Radeon graphics card isight video camera gigabit ethernet wifi (airport extreme 802.11g) Superdrive (DVD...
  13. J

    Apple Mac Pro 2.8ghz and Mac Mini

    Selling the following: Mac Pro 2.8ghz 8 core (2 x 2.8 quad core xeon chips) Nvidia Geforce GT120 512mb graphics card 16gb ram 2 x 1TB Sata hard drives OSX Lion installed with lots of apps This is an animal of a machine and with LION really utilises the 8 cores. MacMini 1.66ghz...
  14. J

    E350 Coupe Badge Measurements

    Decided to stick the badge back on! I wonder if someone with an E Coupe would mind giving me the mm measurements for the badge below please? (yes pretty OCD when it comes to things like this :dk: )
  15. J

    Brilliant Bright LED Torch

    I am pretty OCD when it comes to torches and have normally bought the ones by LED Lenser. I saw this in the ALDI special buys and took a chance on it at £10.99 ALDI - Sunday Special Buys 20th November 2011 What a great purchase! it comes with a 3 year warranty, carry strap plus bag and...
  16. J

    Anyone in to The Cure (band) on here?

    Went to see them last night at the Royal Albert Hall, absolutely amazing. Have some pics and videos to share if anyone is interested?
  17. J

    Ghostbusters Mobile

    Had to laugh at this. One of the account managers at work got hold of this cheap merc, needless to say it looks better in the pictures than in real life. it is beat up pretty bad and the headlights have turned yellow. Someone in the service department thought it resembled the ghostbusters...
  18. J

    W212 wheels on a 207 coupe?

    My winter wheels and tyres have been on order for 2 months now and the dealer called me the other week to finally say they had arrived! 17" 5 twin spokes with Dunlop SP winter sport 3d. Great I thought, but now to decide when to have them fitted..... I waited a few days and decided to call...
  19. J

    MKV / HD / 3d standalone movie player

    Currently using a mac mini with Plex software to play MKV Hd and MKV 3d files from a network drive but due to the age and processor it struggles to play full 1920x1080 hd files. It plays the 720 stuff well but looking at the various standalone movie players they now have optical out and can...
  20. J

    FS: Apple iPhone 4 32gb Black with Applecare extended cover MINT

    Apple iPhone 32gb with full AppleCare extended warranty until June 2012, originally purchased directly from Apple so is factory unlocked. Comes complete with all original unused accessories (headphones, USB charging lead and USB plug) In excellent condition Telephone Technical...
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