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    Simple one. Fuel hose W210 OM606

    Hi, Does anyone know how to remove the clear pipes so I can replace the O rights? It looks like a white plastic tab to be pulled but before I snap any off I would like to check. OM606 3 litre turbo. Getting air in the tube :-( Cheers Martin
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    w124 cluster removal tool wanted

    I have a gauge bulb out on my k reg 300te. I understand I need a tool to remove the cluster but do not have one. Can anyone lend me one if I sent beer tokens? Many thanks martin west Sussex.
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    W124 Water/methanol Injection / ignition live feed

    W124 Water/methanol Injection / ignition live feed Hi all, I run veg oil on my W124 300TD. I have installed my devils own methanol pump and some of the wiring along with the relay. I need a ignition live feed to complete the install. The pump is located in the boot in the place which housed...
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    W124 300TD Engine mounts

    Hi all, I own a 1993 W124 300TD. Does anyone have a link to some responsible priced engine mounts. Also are left and rights the same? Do all W124 have the same mounts (petrol/diesel) mine is a diesel. I'm guessing to change them out I need to undo the nuts/bolts on monts and the lift...
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    W124 Rear bushes neede

    Hello ECP. I need the W124 Rear bushes for my 1993 300TD Reg number k 706 hvv I do not need the ones for the diff o subframe. Only the arms/wishbones. Do you have them in stock in your rustington, west sussex shop? Many thanks Martin
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    W124 Diesel Pump O rings leaking

    Hello, Quick questions. I'm running WVO/Diesel on my 300te (333900miles) It's a jan reg 93 estate. I have the spline tool. The front two injector bosses had new seals about 5000miles. The back two are now leaking and when parked up hill I need to crank it over lots for some fuel. Also leaving...
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    w124 dash removal tool and dash bulbs

    w124 dash removal tool and dash bulbs wanted please. I can paypal or cheque. Bits would need posting to me. Thank you. Littlehampton, West Sussex.
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    w124 300td 1993 Check Battery / Alternator

    Hello Just started tonight getting problems. When starting the car the Check Battery and oil lights do not come on. When at idle the battery light and low water bottle glows very very dim. When reving or driving the lights go out. Now sometimes battery and oil lights come on with ignition...
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    W124 300TD changed fuel filter now sounds like sand shaker

    Hi, First post as I never had issues with my 93 w124 300td. I changed the fuel filter (front mounted top of engine) yesterday. I never filled it with diesel and was had to start. I then took it back it back off and filled diesel into it. Started after some cranking. I think I got some diesel...
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