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    Engine Lifespan

    Apologies in advance for a how long is a piece of string ? post. Nor do I expect anyone to have a crystal ball ! I know there are variables. Currently interested in a 2009 A W169 1700 petrol with 70,000 on clock for £5,000. Wondering how long I can expect from engine - I would like to keep...
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    Diesel Noise Acceleration

    I am interested in a 2011 W169 2000 litre manual diesel. Two queries - I appreciate diesels are noisier than petrol but is it really noticeable ? Would like a reasonably quiet car. Is the acceleration better in diesel than a petrol ? Thanks
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    Advice please 2009 A W169

    I have seen a petrol 2009 Elegance 1700 with 62,000 miles on the clock. Is there anything costly due to come up ? Should I look for a later W169 say the last at 2012 ?
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    Thinking of buying W169

    I have my eye on a 2010 Avantgarde 1700 petrol auto with 34,500 on the clock. My queries are : 1) What should I check in particular ? ( I am aware of checking service record record and similar basics ) 2) I have heard that parts are no longer available if there are problems with the auto...
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    W169 CVT or manual

    Although I would probably prefer an auto there are not so many about. Also I've read conflicting views on CVT. I would welcome advice on CVT for example - If there are problems ( depends on the problem ! ) can it be repaired ? If not, how much could I expect to pay for a new auto...
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