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    W204 C Class Audio 20 (6 cd) upgrade failed.

    I purchased a Audio 20 six CD player for my car with the intention to add Digital radio "DAB" as the radio stations on FM are quite limited, after buying a second hand Audio 20 (6 CD)unit and obtaining the VIN, I had it fitted to my car, only for a error message asking for the security code...
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    C Class W204 Audio 20 6CD

    Will an Audio 20 6CD part number A2049003609 fit C200 CDI 2014 NTG4.5, replacing an Audio 20 single CD, I've seen the back of the above part number and some head units have two pin for MOST above the 10amp fuse, whilst other of the same part number do not have these pins. I've attempted to...
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    W204 facelift Artico Driver seat cover spit

    My driver's Artico leather perforated seat cushion has split along the seam, colour 9D88, how easy is it to replace my self, I've had a quote of £350 from the main dealers, on top of the price of the cover, my seat cushions are not heated, nor memory. I thought it would be a simple swap- four...
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    Mercedes Benz Sunderland

    Sunderland more good service £50 including vat to program my folding mirror modification that I had installed my self, A good wash and polish a health check and dropped me off at work, Price LESS than a quarter quoted by other to program my folding mirrors modification alone.
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    w204 leather interior

    May be I was unlucky, but they retrimmed my W203 C180 Avantgarde SE C Class on a Friday in half a day while I waited, my car was never the same, I took them to the county courts, to get money to retify the results of the retrim- Got my money, so be ware.
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    W204 folding mirror mod activation

    Thanks all for your help, Car coded by main dealer, works great has I thought it would, a little word of warning to other who might want to do this , get to know your part numbers there are wing mirror with the last two digit ending in 16,96, & 76, all for W204 cars, Car Mods so far. 17" AMG's...
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    W204 folding mirror mod activation

    The Group who told me they could not help me was Inchcape Oxford who refused to give me the part number required, I did some research found the numbers ordered new mirrors, new switch unit, and checked the door modules could accommodate the mirrors. I fitted all parts my self. Saturday...
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    W204 folding mirror mod activation

    I've recently retrofitted folding mirrors, folding mirror switch and door modules to my C200 CDI 2013, but the mirrors don't fold when you press the new fold button, Is there any one in the north east who has a Star machine who can activate this for me. I have previously modded several Mercedes...
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    Exhaust brackets corroded away CLS 2005

    If possible source a firm that make exhausts, they will weld the new hanger on properly, I had my done on my last car, £15 per hanger/brackets, plus vat as good as new, no more rattles or clamp on bits to work loose. This was the best job I had done on my 12 year old Mercedes.
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    W203 16" tyres all round

    Add two wider tyres to the rear "225" problem solved
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    W204 Glovebox is broken

    W203 Glove box falling down and out. I had exactly the same problem on my old 2003 C180 Compressor. A new damper unit will need to be bought and fitted. My local Indie Mercedes garage ordered a new glovebox lining and fitted it , cost £110, this includes a new damper, and several hours labour...
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    W204 spare wheel tool holder for full size

    Sorted found number on a Russian site, You exchange the screw from 1248980765 short, to a long screw 1698980065, now my spare 225 45 R17 fit perfect.
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    W204 spare wheel tool holder for full size

    I've just up graded my alloys from 16" to 17" I've also replaced my space saver with a full sized 17" alloy, now the spare wheel tool holder A2048980007, the black plastic tub like item that holds the jack and tools does not reach the screw to lock down, Is there a W204 part number I can get for...
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    Front discs for W203

    On my W203 the front were 288mm normal spec, I tried drilled disks twice, They looked the business, they were great when new, good when not so new, poor quicker than none drilled ones, they don't last as long a none drilled ones, they tend to wear the pads and disks none uniformly, ie where...
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    changing from 16's to 18's W204 C200 CDI

    I want to upgrade my alloys, but am not sure about the mercedes tyre pressure sensors, will these have to be swopped over from the old alloys, will none mercedes pressure sensors communicate with the warning system in the car or will I have to purchase another set of mercedes tyre pressure...
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    C Class W204 bumpers face lift version 2013

    I have a W204 face lift car, which I can't seem to find exterior rear bumper parts for, I wanted to fit the the rear bumper apron trim (2 pieces) and a central rear bumper diffuser, To make my car look more sporty using original parts, I've been told by my local dealer that standard bumper parts...
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    W203 rear shelf removal

    On my w203 the back rest is removed by two bolts at the lower front, and in the boot by removing two small plastic covers high in the top, and unlatching two locking mechanisms with a large screw driver. There's a hold in the backet, put a screwdiver in it and push to left. Unlocked. All this...
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    W204 Sport accelerator part number needed

    I'm very disappointed, with so many W204 owner out there, that no one on here can confirm whether part number A170 300 00 04 will fit a w204 face lift 2012 model.
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    W204 Sport accelerator part number needed

    I 've just acquired a C Class W204 which does not have sport pedals, The parking brake and the foot brake covers can be swapped from my old W203, as I think they look the same, but the accelerator pedal looks different. Thanks in advance
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    W203 C class Toxic fumes in cabin now and again

    My C class 180 compressor some times filles up with fumes especially after reversing in to a parking bay and sitting with the engine on, I took it to the main dealer who say engine oil had been spilt on the engine block, they steam cleaned the engine which reduced the problem, which does not...
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