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  1. s500colin

    Happy Birthday, s500colin

    Thank you for your Birthday messages Really missed seeing everyone at BOTG
  2. s500colin

    Happy Birthday MissyD

    Happy Birthday Sarah x
  3. s500colin

    S-Class Buying Advice

    I was given two bits of advice when I brought my S class, Consider how deep your pockets are. If you buy a champagne car, don't expect to run it on a beer budget. S classes are well built, but the electronics can be complex to repair so make sure everything works perfectly. The suspension...
  4. s500colin

    Happy Birthday, C43AMG

    Happy Birthday Peter Hope all's well with You
  5. s500colin

    Happy Birthday, developer

    Happy Birthday John Hope you and your family are keeping safe and well
  6. s500colin

    My dad, Bruce Millar

    RIP Bruce Your thread on your battle with cancer has helped so much
  7. s500colin

    [URGENT] ------>>>>> MBClub Covid-19 Response

    Done Thanks for all your hard work
  8. s500colin

    Custom Exhaust London Area

    They did from just behind the front Cats to the back, the cost was just over £800. That was about £1000 cheaper than Toyota wanted with a 1 year warranty. Timescale, exhaust made and fitted within a day.
  9. s500colin

    Custom Exhaust London Area

    I Used the Southampton branch of Powerflow Exhausts for my 4.7 V8 Land Cruiser, they did a excellent job building and installing a Stainless custom unit with a lifetime guarantee. Vehicle Tuning Services | Bespoke Stainless Steel London, UK - Eurosport Exhausts
  10. s500colin

    I Suppose It's TIme I Posted Something

    Great to know your OK John, was only thinking the other day how good your house restoration thread was and how much we miss yours and Charles Morgan ' s Interesting projects
  11. s500colin

    Independent Southampton / New Forest area

    Another vote for MBS southampton based in Woolston My S500 will be there next Wednesday Their really great with electronic issues
  12. s500colin

    Benz On The Green 2020 REGISTRATION OPEN!

    01: BigUn 02: Ringway 03: Charlieturbo31 04: Daveenty 05: C43AMG 06: Doodle 07: jaymanek (mercland) 08: sjmaxwell 09: Andy27168 10: Skd884 11: d w124 12: togthecat 13: sirius9 14: vincethedog 15: Smart320 16: Andrew12 17: Betz 18: Stuart Mathieson 19: Whitenemesis 20: AMGeed 21: NRodrigues 22...
  13. s500colin

    My dad, Bruce Millar

    So sorry to hear this sad news, my condolences to you Molly and the rest of your family. Bruce was such a wonderful man despite all his own health problems he always had time for others. probably one of the members I most respected on this forum. RiP Bruce we'll going to miss you
  14. s500colin

    Benz On The Green 2019 **11th of May**

    Not received mine yet
  15. s500colin

    Benz On The Green 2019 **11th of May**

  16. s500colin

    Diesel & Company Car

    My company car was replaced a few months ago, the only cars I could have were diesel. No other options despite the average mileage done by managers is under 8000 miles a Year
  17. s500colin

    SRS Warning light on dashboard. W220 2005 S Class.

    Had the same problem on my W220 it was the passenger occupancy sensor on the front passenger seat apparently it is a common problem on this model.
  18. s500colin

    Sad news

    Sorry for your loss My thoughts are with you during this sad time
  19. s500colin

    Benz On The Green 2018 @ GOODWOOD. Your thoughts?

    I think the venue location is great but the food is consistently bad and overpriced. There is a great burger van on Portsdown hill about 5 miles south of Horndean maybe a good point to meet up for a hearty breakfast prior to arriving at PCS Mick's Monster Burgers - Home
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