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  1. bpsorrel

    Now that showrooms are re-opening.....

    One of my local BMW dealers are already open, at least to walk around the forecourt and enter the showroom to view cars. Which reminds me, my new SLC Final Edition, at last got delivered on wednesday! :) (I got unlucky with my timing as I actually ordered it in early March, then when it was...
  2. bpsorrel

    Anyone know this car in the USA with UK plate ?

    Same thing with Jay Leno when he drives around in his Jay Leno's Garage show. One I watched a while ago where he was driving a seriously rare C2 Corvette you could see the Police SUV following behind, wherever he went! Interesting show though, with guests including Seinfeld (they get on...
  3. bpsorrel

    What’s your perfect three car garage?

    I unbelievably forgot one of my all time favourite cars to add to my three classics garage! The Gullwing 300SL!!!! That would probably replace the Mustang in my line up :)
  4. bpsorrel

    What’s your perfect three car garage?

    I'm reasonably happy with my current "collection" of SLC Final Edition (great little fun roadster) Lexus IS300h (very nice everyday waft mobile) Ford Kuga (that resides in Russia, but makes a great all rounder). BUT..... If money were no object, then classics would replace that lot...
  5. bpsorrel

    Auto Mundial...

    Been watchng it for years, the format has changed with the latest series along with new presenters, but it's still worth a watch, especially if you like knowing whats going on in the US market :)
  6. bpsorrel

    Travelling to garage?

    Indeed! That's why we travel around our local area and walk and shop on the same day. Luckily we have some lovely walks and drives round here, and a local town just 3 or 4 miles away that has some really good farm shops for eggs etc. Anyway, keep safe everyone!!
  7. bpsorrel

    Travelling to garage?

    LOL!!!! Both by now I should think! Things getting bad over there. We think Putin was hiding the real figures for quite a while, but now so many high profile actors etc have it and some have died of it, they can't hide it any more. Moscow on lock down, like London now.
  8. bpsorrel

    Formula 1 2020 (Will Contain Race Day Spoilers)

    I think I've said this before, Mactech, you HAVE to write a book about your experiences, or serialise it here LOL! Thanks so much for sharing! Incidentally, I've got a whole load of those "Quality Cars" supplements from the Sunday Times (my Dad was an avid reader of the paper, every week!)...
  9. bpsorrel

    Travelling to garage?

    An hour or so ago I was listening to Radio 4 and there was a question posed to a Chief of Police asking whether it was OK to drive (on his own) to a nice spot a couple of miles from his home, park up, eat a sandwich and have a coffeee IN the car and drive back home. The Chief said it's OK, he...
  10. bpsorrel

    Dealer shutting due to Covid-19

    Got a mail from Sytner (my favourite (!) Milton Keynes dealer), saying they're finishing off the last customer cars and then shutting down completely end of business tomorrow. I ssume warranties won't be effected by the lack of "on time" servicing this year..
  11. bpsorrel

    Mercedes Benz Three Pointed Star getting thinner

    ...and grille stars used to be made of metal back in the day..
  12. bpsorrel

    Auf wiedersehen German Car Companies: the Model Y has arrived

    Read the US reports about Tesla "quality". Awful. Out of curiosity I went to the Milton Keynes "showroom" in the shopping centre and took a look at the Model 3. Horrible inside, acres of plastic and a huge iPad stuck to the so called dashboard. I looked around the car and noticed loads of...
  13. bpsorrel

    Tyres create more pollution than exhaust emissions!

    An Oxford study suggests tyres create more pollution than exhaust emissions Food for thought isn't it!
  14. bpsorrel

    Didn’t make it... :(

    I've no idea how I achieved the grand figure I have now.....just hope it hasn't all been irrelevent and humourless contributions! LOL!
  15. bpsorrel

    Your biggest automotive regret?

    Yes! Dedras were very rare, even back then! I was really lucky to find it, it was a '91 and I got it in '93 through a FIAT/Lancia salesman I was friendly with who worked next door to the Ford eealership I worked at! He called me one morning saying "I've got one! A turbo! Do you want it?" I...
  16. bpsorrel

    Your biggest automotive regret?

    Ahhhh!! So many of the cars I had back then! A Lancia Dedra Turbo which led to me forming the Dedra club within the LOC (long story..), Supermirafiori, Strada Abarth etc... As you say, that period was terrific for Italian cars, despite their dodgy reliability, they were so much fun back then...
  17. bpsorrel

    Your biggest automotive regret?

    I had a whole gamut of Alfas in the 80s and 90s, but the most memorable was a yellow 'Sud 1.2 which was the best handling car I've ever had before or since. Lovely little car and led to a 1.7 Sprint, a 33 and loads of others including an amazing Guilietta with a racing gearbox which gave...
  18. bpsorrel

    Your biggest automotive regret?

    Selling my '79 Maserati Khamsin, bought for a mere £10K with hydraulic issues in the mid '80s. After giving up on the project, I sold it to a friend for what I paid for it (I thought I was doing well!!). He still has it and it's currently worth north of £150K! :(
  19. bpsorrel

    New car coming...

    Hi Steve! To be honest, there's not a lot of difference between them! The info screen is a bit larger and the SLC feels a bit quieter, but that might be my imagination as the engine is the same, albeit with the 9 speed auto which came out in the last of the SLKs before the facelift to SLC. I...
  20. bpsorrel

    New car coming...

    Yes! I did the deal with an MB dealer that was part of the group I worked for a few years ago. I had to travel, but it was worth it! :) Think it's sad the SLK/SLC is finished, but I guess the small roadster market just isn't there any more. I had looked closely at the new BMW Z4 (I really...
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