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  1. Stuart O

    SL versions

    I appreciate this has probably be done to death but.. if you were to look at a 2011 SL ( pre the new front - I have forgotten the type code ) would you benefit much from going for the slightly cheaper 350 ?? I hear talk of engine issues with the V6 ?? Looking around the 35K bracket...
  2. Stuart O

    indoor car covers

    Gents, thinking of stashing the car in garage if the weathers turns like I hear it will do ion the next weeks .. looking to get a cover and try and prevent scratched from kids coming through the garage - anyone suggest a source ?? thanks stuart
  3. Stuart O

    Looking at clk options

    If I was to get a 2009 clk 320 cdi - can the comand be upgraded to allow ipod and Bluetooth ?? Just a thought before I get too involved in major search .. Thanks Stuart
  4. Stuart O

    New generation diesels

    Has anyone heard of some be fandangled diesels coming next year ? With the new C class not getting the 350 V6 there's talk of a new straight 6 - or am I mistaken ?? Stuart
  5. Stuart O

    C250 amg sport edition and agility control suspension

    Looking for info on the above, I thought there would be a menu on the controller to show how / where it works etc etc.. Is this a passive / adaptive thing to works by pre set parameters or can I set things to suit me ? Was I expecting too much ? Loving the car so far, diesels have...
  6. Stuart O

    New car due next week

    After too long deliberating I have been offered what looks like a good lease deal on a 250 cdi estate premium amg sport plus auto. Supplied through cars 2 vans and so far the dealings have been very well handled and the car is due next Friday, anyone had any dealings ??? Thanks Stuart
  7. Stuart O

    Mercedes insurance quote

    Just hit go a comparison site for my new c250 estate due next week, thought I'd check out mercs own site and it was over double the premium!!! Is this normal? Thanks Stuart
  8. Stuart O

    Volvo v mb finance deal

    Had a run in a few xc volvo's today as I'm keen to get something in place for new year, xc 90 over 2years pcp total comes in at approx £16.5 k for a NTI situation , has anyone seen an MB. Deal for ML. 250 with a reasonable spec ? Can't seem to see a 2 year option on line .. Thanks.
  9. Stuart O

    New c estate

    Looking at a 350 CID estate pcp but am waiting for the run out deals to fire up, anyone have an idea when this is due as I seem to be restricted to mercs own pcp with the big diesel option .. Thanks Stuart
  10. Stuart O

    Ml 250 cdi

    Anyone have any views , experiences of the 166 ml 250 cdi ?? Thanks Stuart
  11. Stuart O

    2013 c63

    I am close to ordering an estate 6.3 C class, I believe that on start up the engine revs up for a second, is there a way to prevent this ? Don't want to advertise the car too much ... Any thoughts ?? Thanks Stuart
  12. Stuart O

    V4B lease company

    Gents, In the throes of ordering a c63 estate from this company, anyone have any dealings ???? Don't fancy passing over 3k + deposit without assurances they're the real deal .. Any thoughts ?? Thanks Stuart
  13. Stuart O

    C350 cdi pcp

    Hi there , looking for PCP options on 350 C estate - can see some great deals for smaller engined and the AMG but very view for the 350 CDI - looking at a 24 month option ideally.. anyone spotted some recently ?? thanks, Im out of the country at the moment and looking to get something...
  14. Stuart O

    PCP or personal leases

    gents, hypothocally of course if some one was NT coded and wanting to enter into a PCP agreement in UK would there be any implications with HM Tax dept ??? I work overseas mainly and temp fate for the sake of a PCP deal ??:confused: any experience of this would be appreciated.. stuart
  15. Stuart O

    SL 350 , previous model

    Gents, Exchanging my thoughts on a nice 2 yr old sl today with some work mates , I'm hearing the folding hard top is a leaker ?. Couldn't argue the point as it was news to me , what makes it worse is matey is planning an xk8 R :-| Any comments on the sl roofs ? Thanks Stuart
  16. Stuart O

    Next car car thoughts

    1 year old ML 350 grand edition or new Volvo Xc 60 ? Really confused with all the options at mid 30's K just now.. A6 estate XC 70 estate E class estate / C class estate 350 cdi New 3 series estate The skoda superb 4x4top spec estate is v good value also.. Heads burst just now...
  17. Stuart O

    A class diesel auto

    Gents, Any thoughts on the a 180 diesel cvt auto , as in the drive ability and general usability of the car, any issues with the auto transmission at all ?? Thanks Stuart
  18. Stuart O

    Breitling aerospace FS

    Gents, as above : Aerospace watch for sale, 1999 model I believe from the paperwork, I bought this either from a member of this forum or a B*W bike site that I also frequent. Watch has had a recent battery replacement and polish at an authorised dealer in Cairo where I work just now - watch is...
  19. Stuart O

    Ml 320 cdi 2006

    Gents, The early ml diesels 2005 on , do these have any probs with the v6 diesel and 7g box etc ?? Looking at an 06 example later today.. Thanks Stuart
  20. Stuart O

    Ml for sale inverness

    I saw a thread about forum member on here looking to buy an 06 ml 320 on here - can anyone tell me how that went ?? Interested to hear his experience with weirs in inverness... Thanks Stuart
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