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    Hi Try Richard a regular poster on the site at Mercedes Retrofits | Comand Online Ltd
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    SL 500 R230 Glove box locked open!

    Hi Richard, Welcome to the forum. suspect it is still the adjustment as they seem quite sensitive and don't need much of a turn on the knurled wheel to open correctly. As yours is locked I would look where the locking bar on the box fits and thread a piece of wire/cord through the latch if...
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    Paint codes

    Hi, you are not the first to be confused Ask your MB dealer giving the vin number of your car. Don
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    1995 SL500 strange idle and rocking today

    My S class V8 had similar problems. The garage said it was because I did not get the engine fully hot with only short trips to work. Apparently they reasoned that there is some moisture in the oil that is not driven off by short trips. Then the distributor being the coldest bit of the motor when...
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    No SBC Hold

    Hi, I would have expected the car to have it. It is a bit of a technique to activate it and a sort of light dab on the brake pedal when stopped should put a SBCH sign on the speedo display. It has been much discussed here on the forum if you search. The stop function, which means that you only...
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    Yorkshire Seaside Resorts

    Hi, a trip that may suit for a day out to Castle Howard on the A64 towards York. Home :: Castle Howard :: It?s a beautiful day Also a visit to Beverley, almost a mini York for a look around is not too far and a great drive scenery wise to get there across the Yorkshire Wolds. If you like...
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    Door Card

    Google U Tube lots of vids there to give you a clue. I guess the method is not too car specific in the way MB fit the panels so a bit of common sense and care when doing it will help.
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    W211 E Class SBC Pump

    It doesn't matter how light you are with the brakes it is a pump that runs even when you "wake" up the car to enter you hear the pump run to prime the accumulator. I guess it has a design shelf life and a counter is a means to ensure that it is safe with lots of margin for error. The dealers...
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    Old English cars.

    Triumph cars and bikes were started by a German guy in Coventry at a site near the new Cathedral extension and the marque is now owned by BMW. We only borrowed the brand and labelled it as British car for a while! You should see the interest and the money they spend on them in the States now...
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    yet another w163 thermostat query

    That's exactly what you expect. A thermostat holds the water in the engine block then opens progressively to allow the coolant reserve in the rad to flow and controls the temperature to the set point(92 degrees). If the stat is open all the water in the system circulates and gradually heats up...
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    W211 Coolant/Water temp

    Perfect same as mine after stat change. Now you will get up to 5mpg more! Don
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    Changed the suspension but still noisy. Whats left?

    I had a similar noise on mine turned out the wheel bearings just needed adjusting. Don
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    Any advice for purchase of E class 350 cdi b/e?

    And that's good? Trip from London last September 2003 W211 in line 6 engine. My 20,000 mile average is 39+mpg after car has done 140K miles from new. I often get 45+mpg on long runs. Remember I am not buying new but around...
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    Any advice for purchase of E class 350 cdi b/e?

    Hi Guys, thanks for all your responses, I will try a test drive. However, what really put me off was this thread 1200 posts and nearly 150,000 views so not really a "few forum comments"! This...
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    Any advice for purchase of E class 350 cdi b/e?

    Hi Thanks for the info, my current car is an e class 211 (typo error). Have just read a thread on here regarding noisy engines, poor mpg and sluggish power in C drive so will not be looking for this model now!
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    Any advice for purchase of E class 350 cdi b/e?

    Thinking about a change in the near future and replacing my 221 320 CDI as we are now covering 25K miles a year with it. Looking at 2009 onwards £20 to £25K ish. Anything to look out for or essential to have? Anyone have one to pass on their experience, Thanks for any advice in advance. Don
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    Drum brake specialists North West, West & and South West of London

    Hi Charles, I have a few classics myself Triumph and MG and usually the club scene provides the best knowledge of marque specialists as I am sure you know. I have seen a few Allards race but not really taken much notice so had a google about. They were built mainly from Ford bits not sure if...
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    Drum brake specialists North West, West & and South West of London

    Hi Charles assume you have contact with the Allard club? From their web site last two on the list. Suppliers | Don
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    2009 CLC220 CDI Loosing Power

    I know my guy and its free sometimes other times if he is busy £30. Someone may charge up to £80, how long is a piece of string?
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    2009 CLC220 CDI Loosing Power

    Indie as in independent garage from link but no experience with them and without prejudice
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