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  1. finisterre

    Legal help/Advice Required Please.

    its all a bit Kafkaesque and a cheery finish makes for a better read thanks
  2. finisterre

    MP shot, stabbed and kicked in her constituency

    a fifty quid fine and three points on my license would deter me from killing. You don't need to threaten me with life in prison or death to modify my behaviour. Justice is revenge exacted by the state in order to prevent family feuds etc. The law has other purposes, extracting tax, keeping...
  3. finisterre

    MP shot, stabbed and kicked in her constituency

    I thought that to begin with, but on further consideration I believe it is very different. This attack was not designed to discomfort the general populace. I would doubt many people are more frightened today than yesterday. Lots of people are probably more depressed by our confrontational...
  4. finisterre

    Going to say goodbye all

    It'll probably be Brian57 when I next log in. I'll be back.
  5. finisterre

    100 Years of BMW - Mercedes Offer to BMW Employees

    Taking the mickey but I bet they will follow through with the offer.
  6. finisterre

    Your day in three words.

    Curry for lunch.
  7. finisterre

    My Cancer Story - To help others.

    I know how scary that was! :thumb:
  8. finisterre


    With the Greek economy and your business.
  9. finisterre


    I don't come on here so much since the demise of the vito. Anyway, I was thinking about you. I hope everything works out okay. Fin
  10. finisterre

    For the over 40's

    My mum's friend Betty was strafed by a German fighter on her way to school. She jumped in the ditch alongside the road. She was given a bolloking when she got to school for being late and muddy. We had it easy.
  11. finisterre

    What irritates you about motorbikers?

    I used to live in Helmsley I would ban them.
  12. finisterre

    Sir Terry Pratchett RIP

    But nowhere near as punny. Sir Terry was fantastic. Next time I see an altzheimers collecting box I shall honour his memory.
  13. finisterre

    TopGear Getting Boring / Clarkson Fired

    I am struggling to identify a loser.
  14. finisterre

    Bloodhound 1000mph

    Chris Harris on Cars on BLOODHOUND | BLOODHOUND SSC Great engineering and I think I want a stunt aeroplane.
  15. finisterre

    The first thing that comes to mind.

    Cyber dada
  16. finisterre

    Serenity -- tonight

    I enjoyed it. The way the audi drivers start eating the innocent is depraved.
  17. finisterre

    Teachers - you couldn't make it up ...

    Apologies. Seldon seems sound enough in the pamphlet. *i think, I would like to see how he would implement these changes in a micromanaged political football of a system. Unfortunately we would need to hive off (about 10%) a rump of disruptive students to achieve it and that will be...
  18. finisterre

    Teachers - you couldn't make it up ...

    On 'Teachers only strike when their T&C are under threat'. They are not allowed to strike for any other reason. Eg, it is illegal to strike because a child has been admitted to a school and he is known to have raped younger children. (I kid you not) Refusal to teach said child would be a...
  19. finisterre

    The first thing that comes to mind.

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