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  1. automaniaman

    To the dark side?

    The answer is in the designation.... "D"
  2. automaniaman

    360 degree camera

    I concur...;)
  3. automaniaman


    You're most welcome...
  4. automaniaman

    Hole punch

    That's just a yarn from a BBC radio program...
  5. automaniaman

    My mate Dave

    OP, you could always claim your mate Dave was driving...
  6. automaniaman

    Private number plate 0o font question

    Or, Spartacus?
  7. automaniaman

    Mercedes Cracked Wheels.

    The poor state of our public roads doesn't help...
  8. automaniaman

    The lost art of meaurement wording.

    Requesting a "smidgen " in today's environment, could be deemed as sexual harassment...;)
  9. automaniaman


    Your most welcome.
  10. automaniaman

    My other car is.....

    ...a Hertz rental
  11. automaniaman

    Performance gains at a "low" cost?

    Reverse your baseball cap...
  12. automaniaman

    New tyres C63 w204

    I had MPSS fitted to mine, could not fault...
  13. automaniaman

    A prospective c63 owner..

    Without wishing to appear obtuse, the decision on what model & spec you choose is ultimately yours. Rest assured, when you do eventually pull the pin, you won't regret it...
  14. automaniaman

    Newbie to MB...

    Welcome to the fold...
  15. automaniaman

    Forum User Ranks - You Decide!

    I know my place...
  16. automaniaman

    Would you buy a Cat C or D write off?

    I would only buy a categorised car, pre repair, that way you know what your getting....
  17. automaniaman

    Mercedes c63 - anyone's from here?

    It looks like a tart's handbag....:eek:
  18. automaniaman

    OMG What's Happened to the Forum...

    It's all the fault of the North Koreans...
  19. automaniaman

    New owner

    Welcome, having been a former owner of one, I congratulate you on your impeccable taste....
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