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  1. Codger49

    Facelift W163 Alarm Problem

    I believe the audible tone can be switched on or off via Star. In the past, alarm modules had the tone defaulted to off, whereas more recent modules seem to be defaulted to on. I personally prefer the tone on, its quite a discreet sound.
  2. Codger49

    R170 SLK 230K, sitting low on one side

    In the 1970s and 80s, it was known as 1DI, 1 driver-itis.
  3. Codger49

    The UK Politics & Brexit Thread

    Don't know about DSM10000, but you are now on mine.
  4. Codger49

    W203 OEM Mats or quality replacements?

    Four years ago, I bought a set of 2,930 gm/sq m woven wool car mats from QTMDirect2U for a W209 and was very pleased with their quality. Unfortunately, they now seem to have dropped this material, and the closest I could find on a recent search was Prestige quality 3050 gm/sq m from The...
  5. Codger49

    A class small screens.

    According to CarWow, AMGline are 'the most affordable CLAs', you have to go up to AMGLine Premium trim to get the larger display.
  6. Codger49

    W163 / ML seat occupancy sensor problems!

    I thought the emulators prevent the seat pad indicating an empty seat, thus always allowing the passenger airbag to trigger on an impact. Thus, the bypass is of the mechanism to prevent that airbag being triggered when the seat is empty. Guess you must then remember never to fit a baby seat.
  7. Codger49

    The UK Politics & Brexit Thread

    Lynette Craig on Twitter What about 1:45 into this, already posted, clip.
  8. Codger49

    W212 Facelift rear LED fault

    Was the light unit you bought intended for a rhd car?
  9. Codger49

    Electric hilarity

    There's more than one flavour of 'finance'. I have just ordered a new XC60 and was intending to pay cash. The salesman told me of Volvo's 0% finance offer where if you paid a 50% deposit, they gave you a £1,500 'contribution'. This is against the final negotiated price as well, not against...
  10. Codger49

    Tow bar help.

    As Volvo do if you specify a tow bar on a car with automatic tailgate opening.
  11. Codger49

    W211 interior. Door handle

    Had a look on my copy of EPC, looks like rear door levers are the same part as front doors: A211 766 01 24 - left, A211 766 02 24 right, both suffixed 7F24 for polished chrome.
  12. Codger49

    W202 C43 Side Skirt Clips

    Codes 807 and 808 relate to model year of the vehicle within a decade: 807 is 1997 or 2007 or 2017, 808 is 1998 or 2008 or 2018. So for a 1999 manufactured vehicle, should be shown on the second set, 808 onwards.
  13. Codger49

    W202 C43 Side Skirt Clips

    Guess the clips are shown on one of these as applicable to code 772 (AMG Styling Package - front spoiler, side skirt): (two versions, first - upto 807, second - 808 onwards)
  14. Codger49

    W212 OM651 Water Pump Replacement WIS ? (please)

    Try these:
  15. Codger49

    Agreed a Sale, Is there risk?

    Maybe a smaller issue, but I keep another (savings) account with my bank that only ever holds a few pounds. As it can receive BACS, and Faster Payments etc directly, I pass this account's sort code and account number (both different to main accounts) on to anyone needing to transfer money to me...
  16. Codger49

    CLK430 W208 Boot will only open 10 times

    Both EPC and WIS state that coding by the HHT (hand held tester) is required on replacing a PSE module. I would guess if part numbers are the same and the replacement pump/module came from an identical car then omitting coding may work, but suspect if replacement came from another model then it...
  17. Codger49


    Is your car lhd? EPC describes A2098202561 as 'Lighting Unit, left, right hand traffic'. Whereas, my 2006 CLK has A2098202761, described as 'Lighting Unit, left, left hand traffic'. I think W209 headlamps are assymetrical, i.e. the dipped beams have a 'kick up' and are thus different for...
  18. Codger49

    Dartford Crossing

    I too have a Dartcharge pay as you go account. I only make about 5 or 6 crossings each year, so for me, the convenience of automatic payment from my credit card outweighs the 50p saving from a Dartcharge account and remembering to keep it topped up.
  19. Codger49

    What is this? Screen in rear view mirror?

    Some 639s had a build option ED6 - Taximeter in interior rear-view mirror.
  20. Codger49

    Cheap home printer

    I find a mono laser/scanner all in one meets my needs for very occasional printing and scanning/copying for domestic purposes. Last year my 10 year old or so HP MFP1005 died and I replaced it with a Samsung M2070W. It appears HP make or own the Samsung brand printers for the UK and they are...
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