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    Mercedes GLE W166 Bursts into Flames and Burns

    Looks like a GLE43?
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    Nearly had a head on smash on the A505

    It’s at times like that you wonder if budget tyres are worth it. Glad you managed to avoid injury, and that the car is okay :)
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    Still waiting on C63

    Sounds like a bit of a storm in a teacup, garage seem to be keeping you informed and the timescale seems more than reasonable. Maybe suggest as has been mentioned to trailer it to you if the mileage worries you, although I guess this will add £££ and maybe further delay in you getting the car...
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    Retrofit 7 seats to w212 estate 3l sport

    I looked into this and it’s relatively straightforward if you can source all the parts. I had a S212 E63 at the time but decided we needed a bigger car so went for a GL instead. If you decide to go ahead with this...
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    C63 AMG centre lock stuck

    Some 911s have centre locks.
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    Cheap w124 convertible

    I think most old MBs rust tbh?
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    Cheap CL500 ^^That was my old one. Looking again at the eBay car I can see some cosmetics/bodywork sort of issues (eg around the front bumper/wings etc) but I guess it’s 20 years old and less than £2k. Mine was...
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    Cheap CL500

    At £1650 it’s semi disposable. It looks in good condition for that mileage. I had one almost identical to that some years back, same year, colour and pretty much same spec other than black leather and 100k less miles. TBH they can take the miles no sweat, it’s lack of maintenance that will...
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    PSA: Service Care Plans 20 Discount Code

    Let’s hope they don’t go bust in the next 2, 3 or 4 years hey! :D
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    Blackcircles Tyres

    I think the point I was trying to make was not that Oponeo regularly send out sub par goods, but in my experience where they did the customer service was simply not there, and PayPal had to step in. That’s a pretty poor show from a reasonable size company, more like dealing with an awkward eBay...
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    R129 front wings

    On the positive side, at least they are available! :)
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    Protection after bodyshop

    Any update? :) Hope it all works out for you in the end :cool:
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    Legit street cars S211 E55 had a exterior make over.

    Brings back memories :) I always loved the look of these cars standard :cool:
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    £100 extra for 7G transmission service just because it's an AMG

    Would the DSB show up a non-scheduled ATF change though, as I thought they only logged actual services (ie A or B) along with the additional work as required (which can include ATF if it’s due). In other words, if you book in for just an ATF change alone, I’m not sure that it would be logged on...
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    £100 extra for 7G transmission service just because it's an AMG

    Genuine question, but why don’t you want to do the job yourself? :thumb:
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    £100 extra for 7G transmission service just because it's an AMG

    If you’ve got the WIS document relating to your car, it should specify the job time and you can work out what the parts/consumables are. Should give you an idea of what to expect cost wise. £200 sounds too cheap to me. MB charge about £400+ for this work (eg £444 at my local dealer), which is...
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    Nice Looking Bornite 199e Sportline

    I know this car, have seen it in the flesh and it looked tidy. It’s a nice spec for a 2.0. I guess the MOT history isn’t unusual for a 27 year old Mercedes with that sort of mileage/use under its belt. The interior is nice. Especially with the later airbag leather sportline wheel etc. Same...
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    £100 extra for 7G transmission service just because it's an AMG

    Threads like this are a good illustration for why the fixed price service care plans can be good value :cool:
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    Adrian Flux - a bit worried after signing up...

    He hasn’t posted since his account was deleted, his posts remain but his username has been changed (to ‘deleted user’) If you look back, you will find his original ID quoted in other people’s posts :thumb:
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    tyre thread wear in 10,000 miles in SL400

    Did you measure the tyres accurately when new? A lot of people use 8mm as a reference but they can vary quite a bit :)
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