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  1. brucemillar

    My dad, Bruce Millar

    Hi everyone, I am Bruce's youngest daughter, Molly. My dad spoke of this forum often, and has made many friends through it, and so I felt it was appropriate to post this here. As I'm sure many of you will know, my dad has been battling cancer and illness for the past five years, and...
  2. brucemillar

    The Highwaymen - Netflix - Kevin Costner & Woody Harrelson

    Having read and watched many variants on the “truth” of the Bonnie & Clyde” story. It’s good to believe that this has taken a single section (the ambush) and tried to deal with it using truthful contemporary letters and witness accounts. For me that gave it life (no pun intended) there will...
  3. brucemillar

    The Highwaymen - Netflix - Kevin Costner & Woody Harrelson

    Ted. Thank you. My neighbour owns and drives this (amongst others) stunning you see it sits on wooden rims and headlights that heat a town up. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  4. brucemillar

    Another watch thread...............

    Mistake/Fail/Idiot Award help please. I attempted to replace the battery on my Wife’s Tag. A small gold clip/strip pinged out from under where the battery locates. I managed to find it and keep it but it is tiny. So I taped it to some sellotape and placed it in the box with the old battery...
  5. brucemillar

    The Highwaymen - Netflix - Kevin Costner & Woody Harrelson

    I watched this last night (again). A great piece of TV Drama. If nothing else, it’s worth watching for the period cars, that are superb to see in their finery. I like Costner & Harrelson and believe this gives the story true life as opposed to gratuitous violence. The music is very good...
  6. brucemillar

    Spare Petrol Can

    There has been a recent well published case : Tammy Langton jailed after running out of petrol on M25, death of cousin | Daily Mail Online
  7. brucemillar

    Spare Petrol Can

    Yes. She does know and is very aware. She is also a very level headed 18 year old. But I’m a cautious 62 year old who has been driving at all levels since I was 17. I pass on my pride in my driving. Something that was partially reflected in her passing both test first time and not just passing...
  8. brucemillar

    More Thieving Toerags

    I think they also come colour coded on request from main dealer. My C55 ones did. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  9. brucemillar

    Spare Petrol Can

    Friends Daughter got caught in horrific jams home last night. A 30 minute commute took 3 hours and saw her sucking up petrol fumes. My understanding is that spare petrol cans are not for carrying fuel in them. Rather for filling in the event you run out? This is down to H&S perfectly...
  10. brucemillar

    Man jailed for using speed camera jammer

    It seems that Police detection is made “easier” when the owner of these jammers decides upon showing off the power of the device by deliberate flouting of current speed laws under the noses (or cameras) bringing their flagrant law breaking to the attention of the Police. We had one guy caught...
  11. brucemillar

    Leather seat colour

    I painted the seats on my Mushroom Sportline Interior. Painting is what Mercedes use and comes in rattle cans. Three years on and it still looks good. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  12. brucemillar

    AMG badge......

    Today coming of the M2 slip onto main roundabout for Chatham I spotted the rarest of the rare. No pic as I was driving. A black Merc 4 door *** Brabus - Brabus *** Yes rarer than rare. I couldn’t hide my excitement. Wow right in front of my own eyes a BRABUS - BRABUS with the even rarer...
  13. brucemillar

    Merc Pictures for a website

    1987 300TE 4-Matic. Willow Green. A full restoration completed Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  14. brucemillar

    Theft. Should I be worried.

    One of our members had his AMG stolen with keys. I believe that knocked on his door as they sat watching TV. They then set about smashing his front door in whilst demanding he hand over the keys ( which he did). All of this in front of his family. Targeted. Absolutely 100% so. Solution...
  15. brucemillar

    What Have You Done To Your Merc Today?

    I made my nuts turn purple. Previously my nuts were yellow. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  16. brucemillar

    AMG badge......

    Last night I sat down and wrote a Facebook post about "why people find it acceptable to take red tin tool-box that cost £90, stick a £5.00 ebay, Snap-On badge on it and then try and sell it as a Snap-on Tool Box" Ebay and Facebook selling pages are now bursting with Toolboxes that are cheap...
  17. brucemillar

    What Have You Done To Your Merc Today?

    Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  18. brucemillar

    Have You Seen Any Interesting Cars On The Road Lately?

    If you are struggling with yellow paint..... Try something a little different, for the weekend Sir. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  19. brucemillar

    What a first class plonker I am.

    There was an HGV Driver here of many years experience. Ignoring the signs he attempted to reverse his huge great load into the yard. He could not see where needed to. No worries he climbed out his cab hanging of the steering wheel. You guessed it. He got trapped between the wall and his...
  20. brucemillar

    Hillman Imps / Our other cars

    Pat Looking great (so is the car). Keep the pictures coming please. I love it. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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