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  1. John

    New Member Saying Hi

    Welcome to the forum. The sound quality of the sound system in the Merc is shyte because they can get away with charging you a lot more for the Burmester - which I think is shyte too if you appreciate good sound quality and a depth of sound. The 6" woofer could probably reproduce some...
  2. John

    Merc 1000SEL? Yes 1 thousand?

    This is the one my post refers to and the price seems to keep creeping up too not to mention it's been up for sale for millennia. 1987 Mercedes 560 SEC AMG WIDE BODY For Sale | Car And Classic
  3. John

    Merc 1000SEL? Yes 1 thousand?

    It features a modern tech upgrade on the transmission tunnel he may be interested in. 😄 Sorry Pontoneer, I couldn't help that.
  4. John

    Is 'V8 AMG snobbery' a "thing"?

    They certainly used to in the early noughties.
  5. John

    Merc 1000SEL? Yes 1 thousand?

    I've seen a white SEC for sale with 1000 on it. The fact the badge is in gold guarantees I have no interest in it whatsoever.
  6. John

    Car prices

    We used to have a Honda Jazz 1.4 SE which was £12k new in 2004. Roll on to 2012 and the equivalent model was £17k. £17k for a Honda Jazz and that's not even the top of the range which I think was £21k? They are probably £35k now. 😄
  7. John

    Is 'V8 AMG snobbery' a "thing"?

    Slightly gone off topic now with the AMG side of things but to me, an AMG is whatever Mercedes decide it is (not including AMG Line and whilst my car is an AMG Line trim, it most certainly is not an AMG). I'm not interested in what the purists think because they still start cars with crank...
  8. John

    Declaring extras that aren't fitted.

    I've insured a car with mods prior to getting them as I knew I would be doing them and when. If you can't be certain of when the car will be modified, I guess when you buy the car declare it as is and then advise them of mods when they are done if you want to be sure. I'd be very surprised...
  9. John

    CLK500 facelift (5.0 , 7 speed)

    Yes, since at least 25/05 it seems. Although I guess Covid might account for some cars not shifting. It could also be a turd of course. 😄 Strangely, it's gone today (so either the ad expired, the owner changed their mind or it's sold). It was black with 18" chunky 5 spoke wheels on 130k...
  10. John

    £100 extra for 7G transmission service just because it's an AMG

    Just have to search "annoying" against your profile name and quite a few come up - here's some... 4k films wanted | Classifieds - Wanted Any gamers on here? WiiU/Xbox one/PS4 | OT (OFF Topic) Forums W204 drl | Mercedes Parts for Sale...
  11. John

    £100 extra for 7G transmission service just because it's an AMG

    You've complained about other things in the past... what's the difference? Sounds like nit-picking to me.
  12. John

    CLK500 facelift (5.0 , 7 speed)

    You are close to the C216 unless you prefer the C215...
  13. John

    Annoying power outlets

    Don't be leaving the ignition on for long periods (ideally at all) - you will kill the main battery in quick time on an S Class. Certainly initially, it draws a lot of current for all the systems within the car and that is not being replaced if the car is not running.
  14. John

    Fitting memory package

    Probably be cheaper to sell the existing car and buy one with it.
  15. John

    W222 AMG Alloys, Anybody got one?? Tyre recommendations?

    That 5% will make sod all difference to the ride so I wouldn't bother personally. There's only a difference of 1cm between 18s and 19s. Do you mean you tried Goodyear 19" runflats? Runflats will be noisy and more harsh as they have a stronger sidewall to cope with deflation. I am a fan of...
  16. John

    £100 extra for 7G transmission service just because it's an AMG

    But this is exactly what the OP is doing - researching into whether it's a good price or not. Just like you state above... not blindly paying the first price without being sure it is fair. Seems fair enough to me.
  17. John

    Cheap CL500

    I could only see about 3 letters of the description on my 27" monitor.
  18. John

    £100 extra for 7G transmission service just because it's an AMG

    There's a marked difference there though. Money you are spending on fuel, repairs etc. that is all part of the nature of running a car like this. That is expensive enough without then wasting money on being ripped off or paying over the odds for things. Money saved on the latter goes towards...
  19. John

    Chromaflair SL55

    That's a nice colour and works really well on that car. Looks well-cared for too. Not sure about the price (a bit rich) but I suppose if it checks out it might not be far out... At least stick the rear number plate on straight though. Jeez.
  20. John

    CLK500 facelift (5.0 , 7 speed)

    If the seller had been responding to emails and stopped responding, that would cause me to do the same! I've never driven an NA CL or even one from that era but I imagine the supercharged version is a better all round car - which won't cost more to run than an NA realistically. Bide your time...
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