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  1. clk320x

    Mercedes GLE W166 Bursts into Flames and Burns

    ... I better bring my bottle of hand sanitiser inside ;)
  2. clk320x

    Engine mounts.

    Both are identical ;)
  3. clk320x

    ECU Software update. Main Dealer ********* Yes or No

    Not a good idea. From what I’ve read the MPG drops significantly.
  4. clk320x

    Cheap CL500

    try sending him a text Dennis.
  5. clk320x

    2003 C32 AMG estate.

    That’s got to be worth £10k
  6. clk320x

    Legit street cars S211 E55 had a exterior make over.

    Glad it wasn’t just me that noticed
  7. clk320x

    Adrian Flux - a bit worried after signing up...

    Anyone know why OP was deleted?
  8. clk320x

    What to do with a sick 2001 CL55 AMG?

    With all those issues I can’t see it being worth more than £500-£1000 to be honest. It’s probably worth more in parts.
  9. clk320x

    Rotalla Tyres - Anybody Had THEM?

    Totally agree Will, tbh I only suggested the falkens as I assumed they would be a good middle ground between budgets and premiums. If the price is so similar the PS4s are a no-brainer! I also think that Costco are doing a promotion with £50 off a pair of Michelin tyres?
  10. clk320x

    Rotalla Tyres - Anybody Had THEM?

    Fuel economy on an E500 Dennis? :D
  11. clk320x

    Rotalla Tyres - Anybody Had THEM?

    Dennis - if you don’t want premium brands then these are the next best thing (IMO) ;) I have them on my C32 and very very rarely see the TC light so that tells you something :) 69dB also :)
  12. clk320x

    Any recommendations for w211/w219 55 AMG break pads?

    My personal favourite is MB Edinburgh - offer excellent prices and next day delivery (depending on stock etc.)
  13. clk320x

    M112 3.7 tuning

    Air filter won’t really make a difference
  14. clk320x

    Who adds any DPF cleaner to the fuel?

    I’m not particularly fussed MJ, the E250 mainly drinks either Tesco or Shell diesel as they are the stations nearby. I do fill up with the occasional tank of V-Power diesel but if I’m honest I don’t notice any performance benefit - but I suppose the additional additives will do it some good. I...
  15. clk320x

    Who adds any DPF cleaner to the fuel?

    Just speaking from my experience of having no DPF issues whatsoever without the use of special potions which may or may not have any effect whatsoever ;)
  16. clk320x

    Who adds any DPF cleaner to the fuel?

    Not required or recommended by Mercedes. As long as you use diesels for what they are intended for you shouldn’t have DPF issues ;)
  17. clk320x

    Boring black scrubs up well

    Nice job Bob! :)
  18. clk320x

    Back in a M-B

    No, it's an option.
  19. clk320x

    Happy Birthday, GordonTarling

    Happy birthday Gordon! Hope you’re keeping well and enjoying the E63! Abs
  20. clk320x

    Have you used an ebay aftermarket window regualtor??

    What’s the price difference?
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