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  1. KennyN

    Home CCTV Camera advice please

    I have flood lights front + back at the moment so i have the mains voltage that i intend to use to power the cameras , just was unsure how good the image was through the Wi-fi and what is the maximum distance from the Wi Fi source to camera? K
  2. KennyN

    Home CCTV Camera advice please

    Are they wireless and if so how is the quality ? Been looking are replacing both F+R PIR activated floodlights with the Ring light / cameras. I am unable to used wired units (for the comms) as i have no access to the eves to run cables due to a loft conversion. K
  3. KennyN

    Strange results with Reverse Camera

    As Alfie says , use a relay to get a clean / steady 12v supply as they are cheap as chips from Halfords. K
  4. KennyN

    Strange results with Reverse Camera

    Can you put a MM in series with the supply to the camera and see what happens to the voltage reading without the lights then with the lights switched on. When i fitted my camera i had to take a "clean" supply via a relay to power the camera as the picture was fine until i started the engine ...
  5. KennyN

    Exhaust gas temperature sensor Circuit Bank 1 Sensor 1

    Had the same message on my (similar) code reader whilst trying to diagnose an EML on my Porsche , the Porker has around eight sensors on the exhaust so replacing them one at a time (at £200) and hoping for the best was not an option. Got the RAC out and they scanned the codes and we could look...
  6. KennyN

    Anyone else watching Flipping Bangers

    Watched the MX5 episode last night , a bit awkward viewing as most of these "fake" TV shows are now and and bore no resemblance to actual car buying / fixing / selling a vehicle , the haggling bit at the end was the worst part :wallbash: Being a car fan i will probably watch it if i stumble...
  7. KennyN

    Most expensive bottle of water ever!

    I would contact a reputable independent Merc specialist for a second opinion , i would think the motor would have an internal overcurrent "trip" safety cutout to prevent harm to the occupant. This should minimize damage to the mechanics under the seat should anything get caught in the rails...
  8. KennyN

    Improved 'Failed Head Gasket' Scam

    Does the rear end of the exhaust actually get warm enough to burn off oil . at the front yes but i dont think it will at the back. Single or twin turbo ? If it is a single turbo then does both side of the engine go through the turbo , if it does then this would cause both sides of the system...
  9. KennyN

    Windscreen washer not working

    I had a similar problem with the boys Fiesta recently , replaced the fuse / pump / stalk and still no joy. It eventually turned out to be a partially dislodged plug on the cars "brain" which is located behind the glovebox -exactly at the point where the passengers feet would be should they be...
  10. KennyN

    Lowering springs

    The CLS has 5mm spacer(s) fitted to the top of the rear springs , these are fitted to compensate for any "heavy" factory fitted extras keeping the ride height the same. Mine had four fitted on each side , which i removed dropping the car around 25- 30mm which i felt the car needed to look...
  11. KennyN

    Engine Sealer (external)

    Thanks for the input people , been scouring YT and Google for some ideas. I will be borrowing the Endoscope from work tonight and setting it up on an old laptop so i can pinpoint exactly the source of the leak , once i determine where it is i will then make a call as to my plan of attack...
  12. KennyN

    Is This A Scam?

    A quick google search for Rachael Steel (Steele) 4 turns up some interesting websites , seems our Rachael is a bit of an adult entertainer. Maybe she never had the correct PPE for her line of work , hence the DEAFNESS and heart condition. K
  13. KennyN

    Engine Sealer (external)

    Depending on how accessible the source is then i may be able to set about the joint with my Dremmel to create a small groove which i could fill with an epoxy type of filler. I know there are new products coming onto the market all the time so i was just wondering if there has been something new...
  14. KennyN

    Engine Sealer (external)

    That is the type of thing i am looking for , it is just knowing what will give the best result for the chosen application. K
  15. KennyN

    Engine Sealer (external)

    I was thinking along the lines of some kind of specialist silicone based sealer , something that would stick to the alloy casing and offer some level of sealing properties. Not bothered if i need to do it every six months or so as once i pin-point the source it should be quite simple to...
  16. KennyN

    Engine Sealer (external)

    As above knowledgeable people. The six pot diesel has a slight oil leak coming from the LHS of the bellhousing area , running to the lowest point (obviously) and pooling on the undertray . It is nothing major but i would like to fix it if possible. The pic below shows the rear of the motor...
  17. KennyN

    The £3300 DPF mistake?

    Mapped out and gutted out or removed , so no filter remaining to catch the soot which is now floating around being filtered through peoples lungs. K
  18. KennyN

    front coil springs e250 cdi avantgarde estate

    The old springs should have had a colour coding , normally three different coloured bands and that is what dictates the correct spring. It is based on the options fitted to the car , more (heavy) options require different spring rates. When i did mine on the CLS i removed them and took them to...
  19. KennyN

    DPF fitted or not?

    A quick way is to check your tailpipe : Sooty = No DPF (or been removed) Clean = DPF K
  20. KennyN

    What's a sensible price to scrap a car these days?

    We scrapped the boys Clio a few years ago , took it to various breakers and all we were offered was £50. As it was time critical to get rid we just went with that plus it saved any faffing or waiting about. K
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