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  1. Ian B Walker

    Howto change a head gasket on a 12v 3ltr M103

    I would re post them but alas they have dissapeared from my old server.
  2. Ian B Walker

    w124 e220 idling issues

    I would expect that you have done some damage to the ecu. BTW reading codes on these is VERY limited.
  3. Ian B Walker

    Haynes Manual for 24v D 124

    I have one John, yours if you want to borrow it
  4. Ian B Walker

    W124 M103 idle shake. Age vs Mileage

    check engine mounts, gearbox mounts and while you are there check the prop shaft doughnuts.
  5. Ian B Walker

    finished vito project now wont start injector

    make sure the electrical connector on top of the injector is fitted properly as if not the engine won't start.
  6. Ian B Walker

    Remove intake camshaft 611 CDI

    its a chain guide. Way to remove it is get a 2" m8 ( I think) bolt, 1 nut and a large washer. Using a small socket put one nut on the bolt. Put bolt though socket, put the washer over the bolt and screw into hole that you will see in the timing case by the chain rail. Screw the nut in to pull...
  7. Ian B Walker

    Engine goes into limp mode

    Seen it happen with a faulty speed sensor too
  8. Ian B Walker

    W204 blower fan

    Possibly the motor brushes or the regulator.
  9. Ian B Walker

    What's happened to Ian B Walker..?

    No they didn't, one left to go to BMW in Derby and the other one , well lets not go into that. TMS is still doing bits and bobs but not as before.
  10. Ian B Walker

    What's happened to Ian B Walker..?

    I am fine now after a cancer op. (skin, not serious but worrying)
  11. Ian B Walker

    What's happened to Ian B Walker..?

    Would love to get back into the fold. Its not as if I dont have time haha
  12. Ian B Walker

    What's happened to Ian B Walker..?

    Retired but doing the odd job at home, just to keep busy sort of lol
  13. Ian B Walker

    124 breaking

    I am breaking a 124 estate. 280 petrol. All parts with the exception of the ECU (goosed) and rear bumper are on offer. The engine and box are sound and the wiring loom looks good. Anyone interested either call me or email me.
  14. Ian B Walker

    My car turned 60k today

    Hmm, not run in yet. Post again when you have 200k plus :p
  15. Ian B Walker

    W124 - installing 300TD from 210

    Charles, all the wiring looms need to be changes along with the ign lock and door locks. Gearbox may be an issue too. The instrument cluster would need changing too. No doubt someone will tell me I am wrong :dk:
  16. Ian B Walker

    LPG auto gas

    I have 2 customers running CL500's on LPG with no issues at all. The company who did them are in Accrington. Real works of art and cost about £2000 per install.
  17. Ian B Walker

    Happy Birthday Ian B Walker

    Thanks for the best wishes folks. As for age? Well the government are now paying me each week :bannana::bannana::bannana:
  18. Ian B Walker

    MBclub - Marriage Brokers!

    About bloody time :thumb: Congrats to the both of you from me and my Mrs.
  19. Ian B Walker

    They know, don't they...

    No that honour belongs to Rob77's 300 estate :p
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