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  1. C43AMG

    Happy Birthday, s500colin

    Hope you had a Good One 🍾 🍻🍺
  2. C43AMG

    Running Costs

    Tell her to supply her own oil :thumb:
  3. C43AMG

    Happy Birthday, John N

    Have a Great Birthday 🍺 🎂 🍷 🍾
  4. C43AMG

    Divine Detail on my GL63 - Excellent Service

    Can't agree more. Had the CL done by Ed nearly four years ago, still looks great and as mentioned so easy to clean. Ed did his Magic on the Brabus Smart car last week after we just had it resprayed, another amazing job and as Allex said he always does that " little bit extra " + he is such a...
  5. C43AMG

    Is Rubellite Red One of The Nicest Reds "In The Wooorld"

    Great colour, next Almandine and the new Almadine. Cherry/Black
  6. C43AMG

    SL63 dyno & remap - MSL

    Is your 6.3 the Naturally Aspirated Engine or the 5.5 Bi-Turbo ?
  7. C43AMG

    Would anyone buy a e63 private sale?

    Your Point Is ??
  8. C43AMG

    Apple car play

  9. C43AMG

    Meet Silvia the s211 e55 7 seater

    I still can't get my head around those wheels :(;)
  10. C43AMG

    I finally got one! My first AMG - a CLS55 :)

    Yes, i remember the first owner taking delivery ( C240Sport97 ) You have certainly got a great car,:thumb: much prefer the Original body style than all the Facelift versions :mad:
  11. C43AMG

    Roadtrip to the South Of France in a 800bhp Ferrari 812 Superfast.

    Must admit after three, three thousand mile European trips in the CL. It is the perfect Grand Tourer, my beloved can take a least one kitchen sink in great comfort and with Acid waving his magic wand quite quickly as well :) :thumb:
  12. C43AMG

    Happy Birthday, Gollom

    Hope you had a Great Birthday 🍺 🎂 🍷 🍾 🍻
  13. C43AMG

    Ennio Morricone.

    As Above. Amazing composer :)
  14. C43AMG

    Anyone got a Classic Car - Mercedes or other Marques

    How is the restoration coming along ? ;) ;)
  15. C43AMG

    Belated Happy Birthday Koolvin

    Hope you had a Great Birthday 🍾 🍷 🍻🎂🍺
  16. C43AMG

    My old Alpina B10 V8 up for sale...

    My Favourite Wheels :)
  17. C43AMG

    Repair Cost

    I have been quoted £650 for the rear brake pipes on the S-Class, apparently the Sub-Frame needs to come down. Lots of labour required.
  18. C43AMG

    Happy Birthday, Happytalk73

    Hope you had a Great Day 🎂🍺🍻🍷🥃🍸🍾
  19. C43AMG

    Airconditioning Check

    I have used Keith in Chertsey for many years, not mobile but the best in the business. All the MB indies in the area use him. 07885 239385 - 01932 570333
  20. C43AMG

    Excited with SL63 AMG

    From a Company called Wensum Prestige ? No, i don't know it. I have been looking at SL's and that was the one i would have bought. I had the best spec at a not to outrageous price. If it is the same i had them send me the Oasis sheet, if they didn't give it to you i could email it to you.
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