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  1. sportyreptile

    E36 W210 turns over but won't start

    My W210 E36 turns over ok but won't start, I've been abroad for a few weeks so the cars been left standing, the first time I tried to start it the dash said "charge battery" so I've had it on charge for 24 hours and the battery reads 12.75v across the terminals. I've even tried using a jumper...
  2. sportyreptile

    Old buses in Bristol

    Nice pictures but imagine the size of garage you'd need :rock: I've always a hankering for a Harrington Legionaire....anyone know why I wonder?
  3. sportyreptile

    Wheeler Dealers Series 10

    They made more profit out of a baggy old Escort than they did from the DB7, that made me laugh. Wish I never scrapped the green one I had....or the yellow one.....the list goes on.
  4. sportyreptile

    Old School 280SE W116

    1979 Mercedes-Benz 280SE 116 Series, lovely example, 23 old MOT certificates | eBay I quite like this for the money but would prefer a SEL to be honest, still it's BIG enough I suppose.
  5. sportyreptile

    My SL60 AMG and its Restoration

    Either a Porsche air cooled engine (916 or 911) or I have seen scooby flat 6 engines put in old beetles and type 2's. The VW transaxle box is very tough. Love the SL60, every Merc I've had has been Azurite blue, the way the colour changes with the light is fab, sometimes looks purple, blue...
  6. sportyreptile

    Polishing / Paint restoration in South Wales

    Ti22 | Wales' Premier Detailing Studio, prestige and performance centre amp; Ti22 detailers are in Newport, have a look at their gallery they've done some excellent work
  7. sportyreptile

    Last of the summer..........

    The Merc needs a o/s lower ball joint and then at least tracking but more likely 4 wheel alignment. A coat of wax is in order too for the winter This weekend though changing the shocks on the Rangie cos it's way too bouncy.
  8. sportyreptile

    W210 E36 Could Be A Bargain With Only Three Hours To Go

    That's depressingly cheap for E36 210, I like the black leather interior particularly. That's how mine looks inside, the AMG clocks and steering wheel didn't appear on the 210 until the E55 came out I believe, I'll run mine until it falls apart if thats how cheap they're going for.
  9. sportyreptile

    New Series of Wheeler Dealers

    There must have been lots not shown on that program. If a company builds a custom fit exhaust I would think they'd need the car to custom fit it to which I think what must have happened.....they made the exhaust on the car the Ed me Ol China is filmed fitting it in his workshop. And.....why...
  10. sportyreptile

    Oh deary dear !

    He'd have been better off doing a straight TR8 conversion than muck about with that load of plastic crap.....he's had 2 bids on it so thats 2 more fellow nutters out there.
  11. sportyreptile

    Very Cheap E36 AMG W210 ???

    That's depressingly cheap for a 36, but if he's looked after the car with the same care and attention he's given that advert I suspect it'll want a few thousand spending on it.
  12. sportyreptile

    Could be a good one? E36amg

    haha lifes just too short :D
  13. sportyreptile

    Could be a good one? E36amg

    That ad has been around a while, I keep an eye on E36s for sale to judge the values....this one has over 150k on the clock, lots been done in fairness but there's no need for all that waffle just puts people off.... My E36 is the same model as that and spec with 100k miles and I reckon £2500...
  14. sportyreptile

    BBC Four now - Carroll Shelby

    Excellent program, I liked the part about Ken Miles who'd make stupid pit stops in a race so he could get back out and overtake the Corvettes all over again.
  15. sportyreptile

    The Meanings Behind Members Avatars

    Cool looking camper Les like that. Hong Kong Phooey was one of favourite cartoons when I was a kid.....just last week. That and the Whacky Races.
  16. sportyreptile

    Cheap C140 CL500

    There's something not quite right to my mind with that second one at Station Garage. It's been for sale for over 18 months when I bought the E36
  17. sportyreptile

    Cheap C140 CL500

    What do you eagle eyed folks think of this? MERCEDES BENZ S500 5.0 AUTO 124K PRISTENE EXAMPLE PX WELCOME | eBay I like the silver with black leather and spec, depends if the condition is what he says it is.
  18. sportyreptile

    W210 Front Subframe Change

    The engine and box can be supported from underneath with transmission jacks while the subrame is being taken off. I had mine replaced last year along with ball joints, anti roll bar and link arms etc, was charged 8 hours labour which I thought was ok as he did an MOT in that time too.
  19. sportyreptile

    Rare Youngtimer AMGs & Sportline steering upgrade for my 124 Coupe

    I like all three cars by the OP, the coupe looks great nice colour combo too. Nice to see the E36 knocking on the door of 200k, at least I can expect another 100k outa my motor....if the body work holds out but it's done ok in the first 100k miles so bally crossed fingers!
  20. sportyreptile

    Am I Mad?

    Have it as they say.....we all do mad things, it's what keeps us sane in a mad world. I'm buying another Range Rover in a few weeks after I swore I wouldn;t have another, keeping the Merc tho for the days the Rangie won't start LOL. To coin a phrase from the Land Rover world.....One Life Live...
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