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    1986 r107 300sl

    Wheel arches look to be full of mud, the boot lid also looks off. Actually the whole car looks a little suspect. I'm not sure why, maybe because the paint does not look to be original. Run, don't walk.
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    Is 'V8 AMG snobbery' a "thing"?

    I'm pretty sure that a regular V8 can keep up with the 20mph traffic around London no problem.
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    Home CCTV Camera advice please

    I use Reolink here. They're POE cameras and unlike the old digital cameras, the quality has been consistent for years. Good night lighting and have built in SD card slots in the event that someone breaks in and steals the NVR
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    Mitsubishi Pulling out of UK and Europe

    So I walked past a Tacoma TRD crew cab today and there is no way that it's wider than my W211 E320CDI. The measurements must be mirror to mirror. I remember a friend having one a few years back and while it would barely fit a 4ft wide sheet of plywood in the bed, it would have to rest over the...
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    Cheap CL500

    Biggest problem would be potential issues with ABC suspension and possible rust. Engines should be stout. I have close to 170k miles on my S55.
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    Hi I have sl350 1972 with d-jetronic

    Interesting, the reason I bought that injector cleaner is because I needed to convert an XJ12C back to fuel injection as it was converted to propane. I had about 36 crappy injectors and needed to get 12 good ones. I believe that Lucas d-jet injectors fire by pulsing ground vs puling a live...
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    R129 front wings

    I have a couple of pairs that I would sell for $200/side. Completely rust free but you'll have to figure out a way to get them from Texas.
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    Mitsubishi Pulling out of UK and Europe

    Interes Interesting, this article shows E63 to be 75" I'm wondering if this is wheel to wheel or mirror to mirror. I'd be very surprised if the Tacoma is wider than an E class. It really does not look it. But as truck, they do have...
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    air con leak from service ports, Shrader valve size ?

    bicycle shop will have them. They come in packs with different sizes.
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    Mitsubishi Pulling out of UK and Europe

    About 72-75" depending on the spec as some have flared wheel arches. Same as an E class
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    £100 extra for 7G transmission service just because it's an AMG

    Why don't you ask them? That's a fair question.
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    £100 extra for 7G transmission service just because it's an AMG

    That would be my guess, unless it's a full fluid exchange. In which case there may more more fluid due to bigger torque converter, extra transmission coolers etc that require more fluid.
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    Mitsubishi Pulling out of UK and Europe

    Like I said, marketing is not manufacturing. They're built the same way no matter the country so quality would be the same regardless of location. I thought that we were talking about a company that is pulling out of a market because they decided that it was too hard for them to compete as they...
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    Mitsubishi Pulling out of UK and Europe

    Tacoma is about the same size as a ranger/colorado. They all come in different cab / bed sizes so length can vary. I think that a crew cab with a 5ft bed is about the size of an E class, maybe a tad bigger. Certainly if you're used to driving a Ford Transit, a small pickup should be fine. The...
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    Mitsubishi Pulling out of UK and Europe

    Value is subjective. As I mentioned, Mitsubishi appear to be way behind in terms of R&D. They're building vehicles that would not look out of place 25 years ago. They are cheap and you can buy an Outlander Sport for under $20,000 with 0 down and 0% over 5 years with very little credit. People...
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    Mitsubishi Pulling out of UK and Europe

    Chevy Colorado, GMC Canyon, Toyota Tacoma, Ford Ranger. The Toyota pretty much owns it IMO.
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    Mitsubishi Pulling out of UK and Europe

    Plenty of light trucks in the US, I don't think quality is a regional thing. Unless you lack options and don't know any better.
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    1990 500 SEL ABS light on when driving

    Does it have ASR?
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    Mitsubishi Pulling out of UK and Europe

    Mitsubishi don't sell any pickup trucks here and this is Pickup country. Some of this is related to taxes but the main reason is that they can't compete with US and other Japanese trucks. Like I said, as far as development goes, they've been making the same vehicles since the mid 90's. In the...
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