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  1. carat 3.6

    W124 1994 E280 Water Pump

    If you can find one go for the BEHR item, those were the original factory fit. I've used Borg & Beck pumps many times without issue. The pump from a m103 or a m104 3.0 wont fit your engine as the connection to the cylinder head is different. It must be listed for the m104 280/320. I'm not sure...
  2. carat 3.6

    The key turns but won’t turn over

    It will start in park or neutral, as the others have said my moneys on the starter motor.
  3. carat 3.6

    W124 280 Wiring loom

    Those connectors are for the secondary air system, most uk cars don't have it fitted so they are not used. The ring terminal goes to the engine lifting bracket, and the other 2 can just be zip-tied with it.
  4. carat 3.6

    190e engine conversion experts please!

    The engine and gearbox will drop in without mods, use the mounts from your original engine. You will need an aftermarket ecu to control it all, unless your donor car is a very early model with a metal key.
  5. carat 3.6

    W124 E320 Coupe M104 engine swap help...

    I'm not too familiar with the workshops in London, but Wayne Gates has a good name. I've got quite a list of cars waiting to go through my workshop at the moment so trying not to take on any extra work for now. But if you need advice about it my email can be found here: carat 3.6 | Retro Rides
  6. carat 3.6

    Paying with private sale goods with Paypal - any problems?

    Alot of people use paypal F&F to avoid fee's, if your not sure of the seller you can always pay the fee yourself and use payment of goods instead.
  7. carat 3.6

    WANTED: W124 320 propshaft

  8. carat 3.6

    Breaking: 1995 E280 Estate W124

    Bought this one as a donor vehicle another project, taken what we need so the rest is up for grabs. M104 2.8 l6, runs silky smooth. Grey cloth interior, 7 seater. 744 silver bodywork. 4 speed auto box, 722.4, recon unit in 2007 with supporting paperwork. Please get in touch if you...
  9. carat 3.6

    W124 E320 Coupe M104 engine swap help...

    Seeing as the 5 speed box is already playing up (they are good at that), fit the 4 speed box and diff from your old car along with whatever is causing the clonk at the rear. Give it a good valet and away you go.
  10. carat 3.6

    Desperately Seeking Simon (Carat 3.6)

    Ahh Bruce, I didn't know you cared. ;) I forgot you haven't got the newer numbers, will give you a call Monday. My thanks go to the normal suspects for directing me here.
  11. carat 3.6

    M103 valve cover gaskets , the best to use .

    Elring gaskets are very good quality, I use them for all m103/4 rebuilds. Get it delivered to your door from KMS.
  12. carat 3.6

    WANTED: W124 320 propshaft

    Thanks, but those are too long sadly.
  13. carat 3.6

    WANTED: W124 320 propshaft

    Sounds good, was it a saloon or estate? Also where are you located? Thanks.
  14. carat 3.6

    W124 suspension / handling options

    I see what you did there, lol. :D We'll get it on the scales soon dude. She twisted the prop at Turweston, so I'm using the chance to do some re-arranging under the bonnet and a bit of weight saving. Chat soon.
  15. carat 3.6

    WANTED: W124 320 propshaft

    Hi all, If anyone is breaking a 320 saloon or estate, I'm looking for the rear propshaft section. I managed to twist the one on the turbo diesel! :eek: Please get in touch if you can help. :thumb:
  16. carat 3.6

    Ding Dong...

    You might like this Bruce: 1956 Green Goddess .... Engine Swap Status : Lathery | Retro Rides
  17. carat 3.6

    w124 subframe

    Yes, also the suspension is the same except for the lower arms.
  18. carat 3.6

    W124 Grill pre facelift

    You can get a plastic avantgarde looking grill complete with the surround if your still looking for that style. Mine never looked right with the stock chrome grill so I blacked it out, suits the car better on the darker colors. Though I don't know if it would work on white? I'll see if I have...
  19. carat 3.6

    W124 Grill pre facelift

    Complete grill, or just the insert?
  20. carat 3.6

    D2 coilover reviews?

    You do know that it isnt actually a coilover setup?
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