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  1. jotter22

    SL55 Tuning - what do you recommend?

    And the wife says i dont remember anything!....Going for 2 out of 2 now was LeeC63 the guy who had a 700+brake S/C C63?. BTW i could not get your link to work!;) Tony.
  2. jotter22

    Short term car storage in Kent.

    Medway bridge marina do caravans and motor homes not sure about cars?
  3. jotter22

    SL55 Tuning - what do you recommend?

    Now i might have dreamt this but........ Wasn't there a guy on here (Chris?) that ran a Black Cls MSL tuned with well over 600 brake? I could be wrong. Tony.
  4. jotter22

    What's a sensible price to scrap a car these days?

    A few years ago i scrapped a Toyota truck started with scrap yards ended up a better price from a car breakers who recycled the engine box and running gear? Tony.
  5. jotter22

    What's a sensible price to scrap a car these days?

    If all the electrics work you should donate it to a museum!;) Tony.
  6. jotter22


    Life is too short to worry about everything just buy what you like and enjoy it! Thats what i did 8 years ago and i have no complaint's. Tony.
  7. jotter22

    Need advice about buying a MB

    And this is what happens when you dont read the lot but skip to the end!;)
  8. jotter22

    Newbie as they say

    Hi Phil welcome to the club. Tony.
  9. jotter22

    Best Badge...

    1926 for me too I am afraid.
  10. jotter22

    Mobile mechanic recommendation B/Heath area.

    Good morning, Would anyone happen to have any recommendation's on a mobile mechanic in the Bexleyheath area please as my Clk need's mending:wallbash: Thanks Tony.
  11. jotter22

    Bluewater 24th

    What no photo's? I had to pick SWMBO from there at 21.15 so gave you a toot on the way out. Tony.
  12. jotter22

    Why would you?

    If only there were some AMG badges to boot!:p Tony.
  13. jotter22

    Warning slow to post newbie

    Welcome to the club Renners......Hope you enjoy the new mid life crisis;) Tony.
  14. jotter22

    The Football Thread

    Is the Chelsea v Nottingham game on tv tonight? Tony.
  15. jotter22

    I must be stupid!

    I think its 30 for private messaging. Tony.
  16. jotter22

    The Football Thread

    Being a Chelsea fan since 1970 i am not going to comment on any of this until at least Friday! possibly longer!:crazy: Tony.
  17. jotter22

    Gtechniq Detail advice Worth a watch....Dont think i would be doing this at home myself! Tony.
  18. jotter22

    New AMG Owner

    Nice one......Have you kept the cl? Not jealous at all:devil: Tony.
  19. jotter22

    Hose pipe snow foam.

    What pump bottle do you use? Tony.
  20. jotter22

    C63 507 Bonnet Conversion Try this Tony.
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