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    Word association game

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    Word association game

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    Caption Competition

    Within tolerance.
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    Caption Competition

    Look, it’s a straight stretch, the locos will be going at quite a lick, I’m sure they won’t even feel a bump as they go over this.
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    At Last

    Ah, servicing. I remember those days, the workshops, the bills, the extras that only come to light during the service!! (current car doesn’t have a service schedule at all ;))
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    Word association game

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    35 years ago today...

    I was getting ready to exchange contracts to move house, after one year in our first home after getting married - it was a converted flat over a row of shops, terrible condition, cost every penny we could afford and more (100% mortgage!) and we made 30% profit on it. At one stage we were...
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    Anyone got a Classic Car - Mercedes or other Marques

    Seem to be a few old threads being resurrected the moment - but I'll join this one! I've got an old MGB, nicely restored. Had it for ten years or so, but probably looking to move it on once the COVID thing has died down, simply because we are really not using it (doing less than 200 miles per...
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    Worst movie you've ever seen....

    Ooh, thread revival! Since my original contribution in 2011, I have had the misfortune to sit through The American, which I thought was a boring piece of pure Clooney narcissism.
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    What won’t you drink?

    The thing I wouldn’t touch again is a nameless firewater I encountered once in least I’d avoid it if I knew what it was! Some years back with a group of friends on a charity event, we were spending the evening at the refectory table at the vineyard we were working with. Well into the...
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    Word association game

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    Tesla Model 3 Performance

    Congratulations - nice colour, and as you know, I'm a fan of the white interior! I totally agree on the relaxed drive - I definitely drive more gently in it than previous cars, despite it being the fastest car I've ever owned. Will be interesting to hear your views over time, especially given...
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    Word association game

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    What food do you dislike?

    Andouillette. Foul stuff. Oh, and (for historic reasons) cheesecake - unless I don't know what it is, in which case I love it. .
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    So THIS is what forum members looks like!

    I'm happy to put myself up for ridicule! This is a mug shot for the website of a charity of which I have recently become a trustee.
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    eBay fun

    In that case it might be worth making an online report at Information reports | Action Fraud They probably can’t do anything practical but they will create an information report, all of which go to the police to help them monitor cybercrime. And since your guy has an identifiable phone number...
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    eBay fun

    Had that call a few times. I do have a Prime account, so I just hit the big "off" button on the phone. Annoyingly, these calls come on the house line and are identified only as "International". So I can't find a way of stopping them, despite being on the TPS. My daughter calls us on the house...
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    Word association game

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    Steam mops

    We have a Shark steam mop - the most basic. Works absolutely fine. Can use tap water, or we use the distillation from the dehumidifier we have in the basement (also use that for ironing). Can’t say much about longevity, we’ve only had it about a year but at the price we paid (around £60 iirc)...
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    Word association game

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