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    w202 c230k parts needed!

    You will not find rust free door on 20 year old mercedes C classes that have not already been painted at some point.
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    The £3300 DPF mistake?

    That dish washer is probably on ebay as spares and repairs now!
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    84 240D 5 Speed - Ultimate in reliable and economical transportation

    My E300d only had 254k on it when the missus managed to write it off. It was still "driveable" 200m back to the underground carpark after having the passenger side front wheel shunted back 6", and it managed to get onto the scrappy's trailer under its own steam too. People are often afraid of...
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    M271 Engine change

    I am sorry to hear of your troubles but this is the right place to get free advice. There is a whole thread on this engine on the forum.
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    2021 W223 S-Class - Fully Uncovered/Leaked Spyshots

    If a physical button goes, one function cannot work. If the screen goes, nothing works.Given that my 202 and 124 switches worked perfectly for 20/15 years, I remain to be convinced that it is an improvement.
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    Anybody work for an upholstery company?

    you know who made your sofa. Ask them from whom they buy the mechanism.
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    s203 C55 Estate

    It was on another forum post some while ago so I noticed it immediately. I run a number of regular searches on that auction site.
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    s203 C55 Estate
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    Admiral vs Admiral

    My Mum's car insurance jumped by £100 from £330 to £430 at the AA. I phoned the AA with my Mum. They countered with £375. We said not good enough, try harder. Now a websearch said minimum around £300, but we have her house insurance and breakdown with the AA too and I explainedthat they would...
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    E220d S213 Noisy Cabin?

    My 2016 s205 c200se is notiveably more noisy at speed than my 1999 w202 c230k or the ex 1994 s124 e300d. The noise is pronounced when travelling through tunnels too. That's 20+ years of progress for you. Monowipers are sorely missed too, as they only failed if not properly greased and cleaned...
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    On the hunt for an E Class

    Both. Bigger number = more powerful engine. In the old days, it was much easier to understand. Now there are so many models and trim levels, its a nightmare.
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    On the hunt for an E Class

    Badges have not been related to Engine size since the early/mid 2,000's IIRC.
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    On the hunt for an E Class

    It took a whole 5 years of persuasion from SWMBO before I replaced my 20 year old car. She managed to write off her 15 year old car, so I generously let her have my 20 year old car.
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    On the hunt for an E Class

    Any diesel or large petrol engine is firmly in the sights of local and central government. ULEZ compliant is: Petrol euro 4 new type approvals 01/01/05 and most new regs 01/01/06. Diesel euro 6 new type approvals 01/09/14 and most new regs 01/09/15. Many petrol mercs are ULEZ compliant even if...
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    eBay fun

    Put my mother on talk talk call screening 5 years ago to stop her calling me about scam calls she didn't understand. It worked 100% and no scam calls now.
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    Just been Laid off - Decided to setup a car detailing business

    I was taught that principle by an Australian Accountant 30 years ago!
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    Where has this Disaster Originated?

    In 1347 it was God's revenge for you not turning up at Sunday service.
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    W202 C230 engine upgrade

    No problem.
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    Just been Laid off - Decided to setup a car detailing business

    No money, no honey. First rule of start up businesses.
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    How serious is this damage?

    Better photographs would help with an assessment and opinion. I can very much sympathise with you wanting to keep the car - I kept my s124 for 15 years and the w202 is still around after 20 years. My brother sold my late Dad's old 190e and I still regret letting him get away with that! Good luck!
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