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  1. Chrishazle


    How close in Sussex are you to J3 M3? AKA Unique Car Sounds are about 2 miles from that junction, and I'd just about guarantee they will sort it out for you! BTW, if you have the UHI connector in the centre arm rest and an iPhone 4, I have the appropriate cradle (and idiots guide)...
  2. Chrishazle

    E320 Estate 2004 Comand Nav disc upgrade

    Zipdip you're lucky, updating my NTG4 takes 2 1/4 hours, and the NTG2.5 on the SLK was similar!
  3. Chrishazle

    New Forest Meet

    Anyone thinking of joining us at Pilgrims, I've just tried to book a table for 3 for dinner for 7.30, they're full and only offering 8pm, so if you're thinking of joining us and Sarah you need to get in quick!!
  4. Chrishazle

    W219 CLS320 2008 Bluetooth Phone Interface Tray

    Sounds like you have the telephone pre-wire and a UHI connector in the centre arm rest, so a lot depends on what phone you have. Best bet is an email to with your VIN so they can look up the build sheet for your car, plus tell them what phone you have and what you want to achieve...
  5. Chrishazle


    Like both my cars, no DRL's but the option in the cluster convenience menu to have dip beams on with engine running, which I do as it increases my visibility to the many numpties on the road today thus enhancing my safety! Also unlike DRL's it puts the rear lights on, which DRL's do not do...
  6. Chrishazle

    E320 Estate 2004 Comand Nav disc upgrade

    Scoobe, you need to research/read on here about updating MB satnav - basic thing is use genuine MB DVD's not "aftermarket" copies - as some work, but some brick your satnav, and that's a very expensive mistake. Personally I know nothing about NTG1 as my cars are NTG2.5 and NTG4, but chances are...
  7. Chrishazle

    Service A due way too soon after coronavirus lack of use

    With the C class MB changed the service interval from 15.5k miles/2 years to 15.5k miles/1 year when they replaced the 203 with the 204 - so I get the same message on my low annual mileage 2008 S204 - yet my low annual mileage 2008 SLK280 it's still 2 years! Using only correct MB spec fully...
  8. Chrishazle

    Obsessive Research!

    We have done it before, about 5 years ago in the 968 cab, ferry to Santander then 19 days 2600 miles across the top of Spain to Santiago, back east and through the Pyrenees to Lourdes (guess what religion my Irish wife is!!) then up through France to Epernay area then Calais and home. No more...
  9. Chrishazle

    Obsessive Research!

    Sometimes excessive research has benefits! Along with daughter and family we booked a camp holiday in Northern Italy for early September, daughter recently decided they'd rather drive than fly, so researched that yesterday afternoon and found it was 1100 miles each way (they have 2 very young...
  10. Chrishazle

    New Forest Meet

    And from your own comment, possibly one size up - unless the expansion you mentioned is upstairs in which case maybe it'll have a lower neckline!!😉😉
  11. Chrishazle

    New Forest Meet

    You're a tease Sarah, you know hugs are not allowed under Covid rules!!😭😭😭😭
  12. Chrishazle

    New Forest Meet

    Must look at the satellite view on Google Maps to see what "the main car park" means for meeting up! Looking forward to the weekend Sarah, must call the pub and book a table for 3 (or more if others join!) for Saturday evening, do you have a preferred time? I'm thinking 7.30 for a drink before...
  13. Chrishazle

    New Forest Meet

    Beaulieu have responded to my email : " Hi Chris, Thank you for your email. Unfortunately, this is not something that we are able to do at our Simply Mercedes rally on 23rd August and due to the latest government guidance surrounding mass gatherings, we have decided not to accept any club...
  14. Chrishazle

    Battery charger question!

    I've used a conditioner connected direct to the battery for about 20 years - first on my 968 coupe, then the 968 cab and currently the SLK (can't do it to the S204 as that lives on the driveway). Never had a problem - quite the opposite, car starts first time every time and I'm convinced it...
  15. Chrishazle

    What Have You Done To Your Merc Today?

    I've seen that a few times, but the funniest one was a young Kwikfit MoT tester taking a pry bar under a front wheel looking for play in the steering - and despite me telling him there was none ("if you move the steering wheel the car moves", "it's a Porsche, there's no steering play") he...
  16. Chrishazle

    2 questions S205 2015 C Class Estate

    It's the other way round with Brodit, you first choose the mount for your car - and there's often a couple of options with different fitting places in the car - then the holder for your specific phone - which screws to the mount. I had one for my 968. Another way with MB is if you have the...
  17. Chrishazle

    Is a gearbox filter service worth it?

    Sounds about right to me, 18 months ago I paid £300 at my local indie for that on my S204 (5 speed box including TC). Make sure he knows about setting the fill level with the ATF fluid at correct operating temperature (80C from memory, may not be correct) as if he fills it to the level cold it...
  18. Chrishazle

    Indy recommendation in Kent

    My S204 is booked with AMF next Tuesday, amusing that Google Maps shows his localtion but not the name of the little road (Old Hay) leading to his place, whereas the Comand NTG4 in the 204 and NTG2.5 in the SLK (both with latest maps) do! Handy as we're taking both cars so we can leave the 204...
  19. Chrishazle

    New Forest Meet

    No reply yet from Beaulieu about a reserved parking area, if all else fails the suggestion is we meet up in the main car park then convoy into the site! Matt, if you do print some stickers, please keep one for me - to put below thw MBOA sticker on the windscreen!
  20. Chrishazle

    New Forest Meet

    Makes me wish I had shares in Fullers, as then I'd get 10% discount on food, drink and accommodation. I have a Marstons card that gets me 20% on food and accommodation at their inns, which has come in handy many times!
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