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    mud flaps

    hi c250 estate are mud guard thing of past or people still fit them :dk:
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    s 55 amg brakes

    Hi brakes need doing on mine s 55amg what is best way shall go and spend money on gen merc or go with good patten parts any help pls any good garage around in west midland around wolverhampiton thanks
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    s 55l amg how much is it worth

    HI think of selling mine amg it done 140,000 it well look after how much ? it on 2000 plate have done airmatic last year two new cat done this month full service
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    stolen van how

    Hi mine son transit van stolen last night as it work van it 62 plate but want I know is how ?
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    city powder coating

    Hi has any one use these guys they seem to have some good deals going thanks
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    s 55 amg

    HI Looking for some advise just taken car for some body work ,the back bumper will be taken off as it got revese sencor fitted ,will haveto be reset on star machine thanks
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    e class

    hi all time to get rid of mine s 55amg and get e class diesel ,any advise i am doing the right thing
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    help w220

    can anybody tell what that brown wire is for it in back screen , is for rear screen heater or some think to with sound .areil connection only one part connect
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    Hi need advise i got nokia 3110 on the car ,dont use it much the phone i mean what up grade are there if i need to change the phone any help pls
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    help w220 no sound

    hi i have lost sound ,i think there isloose connection somewhere,as i driving it try to come on .then lost sound ,any help ,thanks
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    s and cl class recall

    HI may be this is old one ,just had a letter from m.b say i need to have some work done on mine s class cars upto oct 2000,relplace electric wiring harness with fuse holder ,
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    w220 command

    HI can anyone help me with command on w220 it lost it sound when i s/w on , :dk:
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    hi can anybody help me pls on mine comand it showing commn.process, active and lost all sound, any iidea pls thaks
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    s 55 amg

    Hi i am looking for mud flaps for mine s55 amg it w220 on 1999 any ideas pls
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    HI mine brother is thinking of getting ml 270 cdi, he got 14k to spend your view pls thanks
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    cant sleep

    Hi look like some people cant sleep like me,just look at some posting 2.15 am :D
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    amg door sills

    i am lookingfor amg s55 door illuminted sills any pointers pls
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    sprint booster

    hi i was thinking of fitting sprint-booster to mys55 amg ,has any one fitted one,if so they any good ?and also how easy are to fit thanks
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    import car

    just rang mb parts they say mine car is import ,shuld i be worryed? didnot know when i brought the car ,help
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    spoted on ebay

    item no 330232668358,is it repairable?
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