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    Just had word from my mate who still works in the MOT station I worked in a good few years ago- he phoned me as a 190 came in for its test and he knows I love old Mercs! The current owner seemingly just bought it for its plate, but needed an MOT to get the plate off- it only got 1 advisory for a...
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    New car, but not Mercedes.

    I'm a huge Volvo fan, and have owned many, from a 265GLE to an 850T5. My Brother in Law was always a Ford man, with a few detours with VW and Peugeot, so a good few months ago he surprised us all by saying he really wanted a new V40! A windfall came his way so he went off to the local Volvo...
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    Mercedes roadside assistance

    Just off the phone and have been told I have a technical assessment/interview day next week for a job as a Mercedes roadside tech. Just wondered if anyone has any idea what I should expect? I'm a roadside tech just now and love the job, but working as a Mercedes tech would be a dream position...
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    Any electronics experts ?

    I'm after some help with something I'd like to make, which would make my life a lot easier and I know there are a lot of knowledgeable people on here! I want to build a wireless trailer board, but don't quite know how I would transfer the signals wirelessly from the towbar plug to the board...
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    3,0 12v head set and fuel filter

    Anyone need a Head gasket set and a new fuel filter for a 300SE, should also fit an older 12v W124 etc. I have them because it they were listed in the wrong section on Ebay and were very cheap so I thought they'd be handy to have, but never needed them! Tenner plus postage?
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    C Class -no electrics

    Was called out to a 4 year old C class earlier, non start. The keyfob was operating the doors properly, but when inserted into the dash and turned, nothing.... no warning lights,ignition, nothing. It was an auto so no release of the steering lock or trans, so no tow. Its staying where it is for...
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    Back in a merc again :)

    Just started a new job, which comes complete with a company Mercedes. 6 speed box, electric windows, CD player and even flashing lights and a built in tow frame... :)
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    Daughter with expensive taste...

    Just back from my yearly blast round Northern Europe, and thought I'd post this pic of my daughter in Berlin, who normally has no interest in cars whatsoever... She did, however, stop and stare at this one... and ask the price! Also spotted this in Gent, looked like it had been put there...
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    3 year old 207, Dead

    * Edit post * Report this post * Reply with quote What are your thoughts on this...? Sister in law has a 3 year old 207 1.4 16v. 25,000 miles.Full Peugeot service history. Got a call on Wednesday at work to tell me it had broken down and could I have a look on the way home. I...
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    Montiverdi Tiara!

    MONTEVERDI T i a r a - Auto Occasion suchen Autos kaufen im Automarkt von
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    Article on Factory Collection

    European delivery: Buying German luxury cars at the source - The Local
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    W124 200E and 190D 2.0

    Due to circumstances both my old Mercs are for sale-its getting costly with 2 road taxes,2 insurances etc and fuel- so they have to go :( Hopefully next year when we get sorted out I can get a nice 300CE or something as a weekend car ;) 1991 190D manual. Mot'd until about March or April...
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    W124 bonnet

    Just had an unusual problem with the 200E- I was checking the washer fluid, and the bonnet came down on my head.. now it won't stay up on its own? No noise or anything else when it happened.. don't tell me I have to take the winge off to check the hinge springs?:doh: Anyone got any pics of their...
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    Methanol in food

    A good friend of mine is involved with trying to get methanol removed from our food chain- as its contained in a certain type of sweetener mostly found in diet drinks and tea/coffee sweetener. It is common knowledge that this sweetener contains 10% methanol, which is highly poisonous. Excessive...
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    Job Dilemma

    As some of you may have read a while ago, I gave up being a mechanic/MOT tester to become a Garage Instructor for a charity-teaching younsters basic mechanics. I am still very happy doing this,and it has been my own "project" since day 1- I fitted out the workshop,sorted out the vehicles we have...
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    Today I 'ave been mostly...

    Sorting the bodywork on a mates recently purchased C200 sport.. Started as a quick tidy up, but ending up as a full respray, new wing and rear bumper.. I'm knackered! Uploaded with
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    SLR spotted

    At the paper shop in Glenrothes of all places:eek: A white one.. I've seen one before in the factory in Bremen, but to see one being used to pick up the papers was amazing! Noise was awesome too... Made my day, even got a wave from the owner :)
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    Just bought another iconic German car

    Yep, Another Teutonic vehicle has made its way into my ownership.A car so intertwined with German history and culture, Its a .... ................. ....................... TRABANT! :bannana: Its blue and broken, but will keep me busy over the winter- hopefully it'll be at a GTG next...
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    30 large for a W126!

    One of a kind Mercedes-Benz 500 SEL For Sale (1984) on Car And Classic UK
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    Wow! W124 300e.

    A very special W124 Mercedes E300 Saloon For Sale (1987) on Car And Classic UK
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