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    W220 coincidence or more woes

    W220 S320cdi 2005 On December 24th 2013 my Alternator dies and is replaced a week later by a recommended Indie..This week the radio was struggling to lock onto good signal then speaker crackled and no sound so i turned Command day turned key and waited for Glow plug light to go...
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    watercooled Alternators sound expensive ?

    Driving home in my 2005 W220 CDI this evening my dash lit up with Battery charge warning visit xmas wish is I hope a Bosch Regulator Brush kit will be a quick fix to my problem or could it be a water cooled Alternator and more cash..any ideas guys ?
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    Does owning a Merc open a can of worms

    My house was burgled last Saturday whilst we were out appears that considering how the person who carried out this act that I could have been watched and question is does owning a Merc attract the wrong type of attension to yourself and property ? I was seriously...
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    Cleaning head-line and seat belt fabrics

    My steering wheel,headline and seat belt fabrics are becoming grubby..could some kind soul please suggest what products I should interior is cream and steering wheel leather..thanks.
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    Command intermittently shutting down

    W220 S class per title..fault occurs when vehicle moving or reboots with Merc symbol within one or two seconds of failure without any input from myself..not sure if this problem is linked to other faults I'm now experiencing for example..wing mirrors not folding out when...
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    Buzzing Relay or noisy component around Rear View Mirror area

    2005 S class 320cdi w220..are there any relays or electrical components situated in head lining around rear view mirror area that may explain a loud buzzing noise when ignition is turned on ? The sun roof motor fitted appears in good working order..any thoughts please ?
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    fitting iphone 4 cradle

    Can someone please confirm fitment of MB-NOCBL IPhone 4 Cradle being plugging UHI connector into Cradle and maybe a couple of screws to secure unit in armrest...Thanks
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    Professional attitude at PCS

    Took my car down to the guys at PCS for Transmission Oil change and Brake repairs. Very impressed with the professional atitude shown by all the guys there. Definately an Indie to recomend.:thumb:
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    Replacing key fob housing

    As per title has anybody transferd key fob circuit board into a new three button housing which can be purchased from E-Bay for less than £20 ?
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    Replacing Discs and Pads on w220

    Could someone confirm that by disconnecting both Batterys on this vehicle SBC braking system would be safe to work on ?..Will the Electric windows or any other Electric devices need resetting,if so how ?
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    Pairing 4s iphone to Command via Bluetooth

    As per title..Command recognised my phone on in car screen but iphone did not confirm it was connected..i have looked at lots of posts but still confused..i can confirm my car has hard wired adapter in centre arm rest but no i being stupid thinking fitting an iphone cradle will "ONLY"...
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    OEM Brake Parts

    I have always believed where Brakes are concerned original parts should be used..Can anyone confirm what make would be of similar quality to those puchased from Mercedes ? im currently looking to replace discs and pads on a recently purchased 2005 S320cdi..ECP have some good deals regarding...
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    v6 or inline 6

    hi everyone..looking at puchasing a s class 320 cdi 2005 model..which engine is likely to be fitted v6 or inline 6 ? how do i check airmatic suspension is working correctly ? best internet site for vhicle hpi check ? any known faults to look out for ?
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    She's been a lady

    My 1996 E200 has been a great car,purchased in2002 it has been reliable and has only recently started to rust around front wheel arches. With regret im looking to replace her with a newer model and have struggled to find similar spec model around 2006. Recently i have been looking at some E350...
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    looking to upgrade

    Hi to everyone Been lurking on this great site for six weeks and have been impressed by the knowledge and helpfull replys by experienced members. Having owned a very reliable 1996 E200 since 2002 im thinking of upgrading to a petrol 2006 E350 W211.I recently read a thread regarding balance shaft...
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