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    Om613 oil leak

    Hi all Oil leak coming from under oil filter area on a 2003 e class with om613 engine. It has an oil cooler behind and not to the side like in the later om648. Cant see any way to access it, looms like a complete manifold off job. Anyone done one before or of the oil filter housing. Can't...
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    W211 air suspension diagram

    Diagram needed please for full airmatic not a wiring one but a physical one showing which airline goes where
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    Air suspension hack

    Im loosing height on the nsr air suspension on my 211 with full airmatic. I will be going over the lines with liquid spray in a few days to find a leak. I have had a thought. If for example the alloy tanks connected to each air spring on the rear is leaking or the pipe connecting them, how...
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    Om613 oil cooler leak

    Hi Has anyone done a oil cooler gasket on the om613. Any tips or advice. Seems really hard to get access. Got a bad oil leak from what i can see its on nsf under oil cooler. Any help will be appreciated
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    No cabin heat

    Hi All S212 e220 cdi 2 days ago on a motorway journey home my blower started blowing cold on the passenger side. Yesterday I got cold both sides but then got hot air intermittently. I have scanned car and got aux water booster codes. I felt for vibration on the pump located just behind drivers...
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    Wipers only working on wash wipe

    Hi The wipers have stopped working on my w211. If i press stalk in to activate wash wipe they work fine. I have checked fuse 56 which is good. Any ideas Thanks
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    W211 visit workshop red battery

    Hi all W211 e320cdi. Had a red warning light on now for a while so thought id buy some new batteries. Bought a new 019 battery for the rear and a ytx14 for the front. I have checked the polyfuse and it was good. Checked the wiring from bcm to polyfuse and the both had continuity. Changed the...
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    engine remap

    Hi Has anyone done a remap to a w211 E320 cdi 204bhp as standard? any reviews or warnings? I am talking about a remap and not a chip tuning box as I want to keep the car not kill it. Thanks
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    w211 e320 cdi 5 speed NO DRIVE

    Cut a long story short my car has an external gearbox oil cooler bypass from before i bought it so it doesnt use original gearbox cooler mounted under radiator. One of the pipes burst the other day allowing all the gearbox oil to leak, the car lost power and wouldnt move. I have changed the...
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    Air suspension not lifting to right height on one side

    Hi I have a 2003 w211 e320 cdi with full airmatic, ive noticed over last few weeks my nsr hasnt been lifting fully. After doing some measurements today i have noticed that it sits some 20mm lower than other side in any setting (sports 1 sports 2 and comfort). Has this side just lost its...
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    W211 e320 cdi 722.6 gearbox

    Hi In need of expert advice. I bought my w211 not long ago and noticed it had a reconditioned torque converter fitted. After a day or so buying car noticed gearbox wasnt smooth especially when cold so having read these post in this forum decided on fitting an aftermarket gearbox cooler and...
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    steering not returning

    Hi all I have over the last few months replaced my balljoints, anti roll bar bushes, anti roll bar links, and now this week the front lower arm bushes ( all 6). the car still drives likes the front end is held in place with sellotape, very clonky and hard, now the new fault that has appeared...
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    w210 knocking and inner tyre wear

    Hi Guys Can someone please help, my ride over rough roads is really hard and "knocky", ive changed lower balljoints, link rods and anti roll bar bushes, but not much better, i seem to be feeling every crack in the road quite hard, ive noticed that the inside of both front tyres has worn to the...
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    front wishbone Bush replacement

    Hi my w210 E320 CDI feels really clonky lately over rough roads, I have changed both ball joints, link rods and anti roll bar bushes and am getting really bad inner tyre wear, I have increased tyre pressure to 34psi front and 37 rear and that feels better. My question really is can both bushes...
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    W210 e320 cdi fuel economy

    Hi all I have a 2001 E320 CDI W210, I seem to be only averaging 24mpg locally. I have fully serviced he car with 5w40 fully synthetic oil with mb223 spec, all filters changed and put a new thermostat in as it was running cold. Im still getting poor mpg and cant understand why. I have over the...
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