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  1. Ady

    Multifunction Telephony retrofit

    Hi, I have a new E class estate on order with the wireless charging option. I will have the external telephone aerial as part of the Remote Parking package but I now see that for the phone to connect to the external aerial I should have ordered the multifunction telephony option and not the...
  2. Ady

    Flooded the car

    The weather got me yesterday. I drove through what I thought was a big puddle which turned out to be about 2ft deep. The engine died and left me stranded in the middle. Within a minute or two all the electrics started going mad. The passenger seat moved all the way forward all by itself, luckily...
  3. Ady

    Estate boot cover not working

    The boot cover has stopped moving up and down when I open the tailgate. It stopped working once before so I was going to get it looked at when the car went in for service but typically it started working again just befotre it went in. Has anyone got any suggestions of simple things I can try to...
  4. Ady

    Auto dimming mirror

    I have had the car over a year now but I only just noticed a neat feature. When reverse gear is selected the auto dimming mirrors brighten up to give a clearer view behind :cool: .
  5. Ady

    Tyre Pressure Monitor Location

    Does anyone know where the sensors are for the tyre pressure monitor? Are they in the valves or strapped around the inside of the wheel? Basically I will need some new tyres soon and I was wondering if there would be any problems with new valves.
  6. Ady

    Tony Purslow Guildford

    Had the first service at Tony Purslow in Guildford last week and I was very relived at how good it all went. After hearing some of the stories of MB dealers I was not looking forward to the service but everything was OK. They even sorted out my door mirrors so they now fold reliably and...
  7. Ady

    Saturday night bash

    Well I managed to keep my car blemish free for 5 months but it got rear-ended Saturday. I was stopped in traffic when a 4-wheel drive ‘tank’ drove into the car behind me and shunted it forward into mine. With the force of the impact and seeing the state of the car behind in my mirror (lights...
  8. Ady

    Special menus

    I have read in places about special “hidden” menus on the comand 2 systems and some climate control systems that are accessed by pressing certain key combinations. Does anyone know if there are any such goodies to play with on the comand 3 or the W211 4-zone climate control?
  9. Ady

    MP3 support in COMAND

    The MP3 support in the DVD COMAND is excellent. :rock: I have now put 50 CDs on to one DVD and the COMAND plays it really well. I can see the track names on the screen & the dash display and navigating the folders is so easy, plus the sound quality is excellent. :bannana: If I had know...
  10. Ady

    My new E220

    My pride and joy :D E220 CDI Elegance Estate, Auto, Travertine beige with sand leather twin, Distronic, Parktronic, Memory dynamic seats, Rear child seats, Rear sun blinds, Telephone pre-wiring, Heated steering wheel, Airmatic suspension, Comand DVD, Luxury climate control...
  11. Ady

    My First MB

    Hi Everyone, I have been browsing around for a few days trying to catch up. It looks like a nice community here with a good core of regular supporters. I hope I will be able to make some positive input one-day once I have my car and have learnt a bit. I am off to Stuttgart on Friday to...
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