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    Canon EOS D60 DSLR with lots of extras and lenses

    Canon EOS D60 DSLR with lots of extras and lenses Canon D60 body Canon Speedlite 420ex flash w/case Crumpler camera backpack case Sigma 28-300 lens Sigma 400mm F6 tele macro lens boxed with case Sigma 15-30mm F3.5-4.5 lens boxed with case Canon 28-80 lens Sigma close up lens acessory...
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    Mitsubushi Lancer Evolution 6

    My new weekend toy (although i cant stop driving it) a '99 Evo 6 , few modifications uprated brakes , exhaust, induction and a remap its running around 360-380hp at the flywheel
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    Van Aaken smart box (tuning box) for W210 E320 CDI

    Was fitted to my car for 5 years performed flawlessly and car still averaged 34.5mpg and didnt smoke on acceleration like some According to the blurb adds 42hp and 31lbs ft Takes the hp to 237 and the torque to 377ft lb Really livens up the response and the 0-60 time and makes for more...
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    W210/S210 E320 CDI Avantgarde 7 seater Estate

    Due to impending arrival of a new car my Mercedes is for sale, I am away over the easter weekend but after then the car will be available for viewing near Newbury Berks , can provide more pics on request Mercedes Avantgarde E Class Estate E320 CDI Automatic (7 seater) Mot – July 2009 will...
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    E320 cdi tuning box dyno results

    Not gospel figures as its not easy to dyno an auto, car threw a bit of a wobbly as well BAS, ABS light on etc but we did a few runs to get a consistant figures FWIW i've had this box (Van Aaken tuning box) on my car for about 6 years now and around 50,000 miles , i took it off recently to...
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    Ordered a Skoda today!!

    Thats me defecting from MB , fed up of the hopeless dealers and poorly made products Going to of all things a Skoda. My wife has had an Octavia VRS for a couple of years now , totally trouble free less than £300 to service it every 18,000 miles , a dealer who always has a loaner, no admin...
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    Anyone got accurate price guides??

    I'm thinking of changing my S210 E320 CDI Avantgarde estate and finding it hard to work out what to ask for private sale, its not an advert i'm not trying to sell it as yet but hopefully in the next few months i will First registered June 2001 It has covered just under 70,000 miles and is in...
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    W210 Estate facelift rear bumper wanted

    As above
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    An ususual garden visitor

    Took a pic of this guy this morning , diving in and out of a garden wall hunting for mice , first time i have seen one this close and first for our garden , i really hope we get a family of them move in Hoping to get a better pic but this is an opportunist pic with a big lens and no tripod ...
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    Can you drive a diesel with no exhaust??

    Hit something in the road last night and i've damaged the exhaust on my w210 estate its bent the whole system back and the down pipe and pre cat are no longer connected , it requires a ramps to remove the whole system straighten the bracket and refit its not something i can do at home Bearing...
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    Where to buy body panels from??

    Managed to clout my exhaust and its damaged the rear bumper on my 01 W210 estate , any ideas where i can source a new bumper??
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    Worst dealer story you have heard

    Lets have your dealer horror stories :) A friend told me of his woes with his early ML diesel At the 2 year point the glow plugs needed replacing and in the process the cylinder head was damaged and required removal to repair , after the repair he had only driven a few miles and got a...
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    Slight dealer niggle

    After my car was serviced recently i checked the oil when the car was returned and found it was low* , almost 1 litre low in fact so i had to go and buy a gallon of Mobil 1 cost me (£57!!!) I spoke to the service manager at the dealership and commented that while i was happy with their service...
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    How clean should the engine oil be after a service ??

    On a diesel E320??? Just had mine changed by the dealer and it looks black still....very black , however yesterday i changed the oil on a Nissan Micra (petrol) for a friend and his car was very over due a service around 30,000 miles since it had last been done and the old stuff was very dirty...
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    Tony Purslow Basingstoke

    Big up to Tony Purslow in Basingstoke who have just done some work for me on my W210 Collected the car from my house 25 miles away and delivered back after a service FOC. The "A" service cost a little over £200 with their scheme for cars 6 years and older and there is a discount on parts as...
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    W210 Crossmember replacement

    My 2001 w210 is in for dealer service and they have told me the crossmember needs replacing The car has full mb history i've owned it since it was 3 months old so mobilo-life is still valid I've heard MB will sometimes offer goodwill or foc replacement but has anyone had to pay for it and if...
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    CD changer not talking to comand , what to check first ??

    I have the 6 cd changer in my w210 E320 CDI, i recently had comand retrofitted , all worked fine for some months and then occasionaly the comand unit would say a cd slot on the changer was empty when it wasnt sometimes the comand unit would lock up with not output from the changer and not...
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    changing wheel bearings w210 e320 cdi

    easy , straightforward job or you do need special tools???
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    2001 clk nearside rear lamp needed

    as above cash waiting
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    AL-KO Easy pull

    Brand new in box its a kit which attaches to your caravan A frame and makes hitching up a doddle £45 posted
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