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    Justice served or crime committed?

    KALUGA, Russia, April 15 (UPI) -- Russian police said a female hairdresser was arrested for allegedly keeping an unsuccessful armed robber bound as a sex slave for two days. Web site quoted police as saying the 32-year-old man entered the hair salon at about 5 p.m. March 14, brandished...
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    Too close for a beach

    Wonder what the heathrow folks think about this airport at maho beach in the carribean
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    Diesel rules even after 60years

    Here is a machine submerged for 60years and still working Incredibly, after a few minor repairs, they were able to start its diesel engine.
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    Is a ticket coming your way? Good way to find out. Apologies if it has been posted already
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    scary merc stuff

    sabotage by staff
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    indicator setting up mist

    Anyone come across this problem? Sometimes the turn signal, and the hazard lights, make the amber light in the rear demister switch blink on and off as well. I get round it by switching the demister on and off. but if you leave the hazards on, and the demister starts to blink, it will eventually...
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    payments or not

    I just want to start this poll to see if members can help me on a little project. I want to see if people will have more faith in traffic enforcement measures, if the payment aspect was removed. You still get points, you still go to court, but no more cash fines. Thanks
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    pvc wall cladding

    Is there anyone who has experience of this before i get ripped off? I am trying to pvc wall clad a section of my building 2m wide x 2m high x 60cm deep. Any idea how much it costs, fitted Thanks in advance
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    soft top v hardtop weight

    I have just requested and received a brochure for the ZO6 and the C6 coupe and convertible as i am looking to probably replace my car. Surprised to see that the C6 convertible is lighter than the coupe by 1 kg. I thought that most convertibles were heavier due to the rigidity loss in chopping...
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    Trip to africa.

    On one of my trips to the oil producing part,from the capital in one african country we had to take a taxi about 6:00pm at night and arrived for 2:00am in the morning. The striped shirt guy is actually an armed escort and had an FAL rifle with him throughoot the journey, amongst others...
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    chicken on the road

    has anyone experienced this deadly jokes. teenage girls and boys, run across 1-2 lanes of traffic like they are attemping to cross, when you are on the 3rd lane. as soon as you slam on ,thinking they are about to run across your car, they run back across laughing their heads off., as they have...
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    I have ordered a Bugatti

    Found in some developing country leaders house. Apparently he was trying to order a bugatti. please keep it humor and non political.
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    green debate thunders on

    I just heard that the council in brighton want to introduce laws making it harder to pave your front garden and turn it into a driveway.They claim it is not green and not friendly to the environment as it causes flooding and water has nowhere to go. While this makes sense , it is hard to see...
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    Killer lorries : tonight

    ITV tonight 8:00pm. Please keep it clean. For those interested We have our compatriots abroad as well.
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    GMP chief dead?????

    police chief dead. Any news on what is going on?Very sad and top copper as well.
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    alarm playing up.

    Does anyone know anything about sterling alarms? Reason mine is out of sequence and I do not know what happened. Initially it has 2 buttons on the fob. One above and one below. To arm it you press the top button once and a beep follows then a red light on the dash flashes once every 3 secs. To...
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    Has anyone got any experience of the merc sequentronic gearbox? i mean the one made for the c-class estate and the c class sport it has just A,N,R,+,- written on top of the gear knob as opposed to the tiptronic written on the base P,R,N,D,+,-
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    Stolen merc warning Just to let everyone know.
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    coolant drops

    Will anyone be familiar or know why i can see a drops of coolant coming form where the gearbox connects to the engine and dripping to the floor sometimes. not enough to show a huge loss in the radiator. I have tasted it and except gearbox oil tastes similar to coolant, i think it is coolant. Thanks
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    clunk on start up?

    There is a definite clunk coming i think from below the engine near the dipstick area after start up. it happens once about 2mins after start up and then goes away.till the next cold start.Sounds like a little knock. I do not know if it has to do with oil as the car is parked on a slope and...
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