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    CLK wood trim update

    Hi. Has anyone removed all the wood trim from a W208 and sprayed it or covered it? Any trim tools needed/advice? Thanks
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    W208 electric seat issue

    Back again. Passenger electric seat won't go forwards or backwards. I can hear a solenoid or relay click under the seat but no movement. All advice appreciated before I start ripping into it!
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    CLK430 rev limited when in park and neutral?

    Hi Guys and Gals My CLK430 project - I've only driven it for 10 miles and it is now SORN I've had it running on the driveway for oil change etc. Have noticed it seems limited at 4K when revving it (fully hot of course). I didn't gun it on the drive home from collecting it. This normal?
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    Getting the best out of a W208 CLK430

    Hi At the start of a long term project Any advice on mild tuning for these? I plan to make a SS exhaust as the current one is a bodged decat Was going to use a free flow sport centre and backbox. Too loud? Anyone done this? Heard a rumour there is some merit in fitting the CLK55 air box Is...
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    CLK430 hesitation when blipping throttle and idle when given the beans!

    Hi, At the start of a restore project. My first Benz. Picked up a 2001 W208 CLK430 which has potential to be made good once again. It has had a bad 2nd set of cats removal - I will build a stainless system in the next few months. A few questions OBD2 reader - can anyone recommend...
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    W208 rear arch repair paneks

    Hi All. It's probably been asked a million times but any ideas where I can source repair panels for rear arches? I've just picked up a snotter off eBay which I want to give a bit of TLC as it's basically sound, so all advice on a source is welcome
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    CLK Rear Arches

    Hi all, It's probably been asked to death but I'm after the latest info on sources for rear quarter repair arches for a W208 CLK430. I've just brought a snotter off EBay which I already love but it needs some TLC Thanks in advance
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