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    E class estate 2011 rear door stuck

    E class estate 2011 rear passenger door stuck shut, will open from inside but not outside, outside handle is limp. Central lockin appears working normally little pop up button comes up on this door and child lock off. Feels like something snapped or slipped off the outside door handle inside...
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    Help rear passenger RHS door will not open S212 and childlocked

    Hi, Help rear door will not open S212 and childlocked. Handle on outside gone limp! Door child locked and will not open from inside or out.
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    Independent Mercedes mechanic / garage DG6 area

    Hi, Independent Mercedes mechanic / garage DG6 area, Kirkcudbright / Dumfries please, just moved to area.
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    E350 S212 cdi towbar wiring Help

    Can anyone point me in the direction of the rear lighting wire colours needed for my bypass relay. Need colours for LH and RH indicator brake, side lights and reverse / fog.
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    Merc independent garage Kirkcudbright area

    Merc independent garage Kirkcudbright area anyone know a godd plce within 30 miles of Kirkcudbright for serviceing etc?
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    E350 estate strange MPG readings

    On a long trip today about 300 miles. Doing well showing 46.3 MPG but suddenly went from approx range of 230 miles to 98 miles range 96,94,88,80,75 etc fearing a fuel leak i pulled over noleak. Put 25 litres into tank all good about 250 miles then very up and down. Any ideas??
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    cooling fan S212 issue??

    After a 30 mile drive in normal conditions. I got home and parked up the main radiator fan was running full tilt. Engine temp gage reading normal values, serviced 4 weeks ago good economy no warning messages. Slight hot smell but nothing major any ideas. The fan gradually turned off over the...
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    Software update Cumbria

    Anyone in or near Cumbria, M6 junction 40 ish able to update my 2011 S212 E350CDI AG to all the latest SW please. Particularly interested in gearbox update as per my recent posts with slight clunk issue on stopping. Will pay going rates.
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    Thule Aero bars and roofbox issue

    OK so I have just got some Thule Aero bars for my S212 . My roof box is a Halfords one, with U clamps. Is it safe to use some form of T bolt in the bar channel to secure it? This would only give 4 single points of bar area???
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    S212 towbar fitting

    anyone fitted an aftermarket towbar to a S212 E 350 AG? Was it relativley easy? Only need 12N socket wiring for trailer can I use a smart bypass relay and not mess up the CAN Bus>
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    windsreen repair ....not

    I had a chip repaired by Auto glass 1 week on the repair fell out. A technician now comming to see if it is repairable. Chip is about size of a 5p and deep. Maybe a replacement windscreen .Can i insist on a Merc OEM windscreen or are the pattern ones as good??
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    load cover pin and tracks

    Above images are of LHS and RHS pins that locate the rear load cover does the LHS one look broken off? My cover does not behave well and often falls out of tracks. If it is this part anyone know the repair or part number please?
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    masterlease Gloucester E350 S212

    anyone know this car OV11 BXZ was a masterlease car purchased in gloucester / Oxford area?
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    S212 permanent live feed

    Can anyone tell me where is the best place around the front glove box to take a permanent live from please a diagram would be helpful?
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    Installing pure highway 300Di DAB radio

    Just got the kit to install. Question is can i just chop off the supplied loom connectors and hard wire in 12 v and ground connections, one permanent lice and one ignition controlled? If i use the supplied iso connectors would these plug and play in an 2011 s212 E 350? also I assume i use the...
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    MPG in E350 ST212

    My great new to me ST212 did 47.9 mpg on a 300 mile round trip yesterday yay way to go beats the land rover TDV6 I had by 21MPG!!!:bannana:
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    rear load cover issues

    The load cover on my E350 estate appears to come off its track at times and also not to lock in the closed position reliably. any ideas?
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    rear load cover issues

    The load cover on my E350 AG estate does not stay on its tracks and appears to not hold itself closed at times, any ideas??
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    Mercedes me adapter

    Is this just a plug in to the diagnostics port or do Mercedes do anything else. Is tit worth it, how much for MB to fit one?
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    Anyone know this E350 S212

    Anyone know this E350 S212 Was a lease car around the Epsom area last MOT was with MB Epsom Reg OV11 BXZ in black Thanks in advance.
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