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    A209 Front Bumper

    Evening all - a long time since I've been on here, but now back into MB ownership. Wifey has a nice 05 A209 CLK320 - apart from where she has whacked the front n/s corner of the bumper and broken it. I've looked at the usual places (Mercman, Dronsfield, etc) but had no luck in tracking a...
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    Halfords 50% off selected socket sets.

    Laddo has equipped the bulk of his toolbox with Halfords Pro tools. I'm pretty sure some on here recommended this, with any breakages / wearing being replaced by Snap-On bod. So far, after nearly a year of daily apprentice abuse, they all look as good as new.
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    Anyone needing to work over Christmas like me?

    On call - client managed to ruin yesterday's day with my daughter by escalating an issue that was down to them deleting files on their live system. This morning's email trail is full of "it appears...", "somehow", etc, whilst not a single acknowledgement of their ****-up. Actually had one email...
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    Driving to the South of France

    Oh, yes - and at this time of year the toll tag is invaluable. It's amusing to be overtaken 2 or 3 times by the same car because they sat in toll queues and we whizz through the auto-toll lanes.
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    Driving to the South of France

    Just returned from Perpignan. 1. Paris both ways. Thursday night @ 10pm was busy but moving. Saturday 2pm was fine - busy but free-flowing. 2. Plenty of radar traps about. 3. Generally cruised at 75mph / 110kph. Average speeds on the motorways seems to have dropped recently and it only seems...
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    Musical desires & duets

    1. Guitar (and singing) 2. Keyboards 3. I have been able to play with my ultimate guitar hero, but would love to jam with Clapton or B B King.
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    Goodwood FOS Photo thread

    Laddo is marshalling again this year, he's been up around Moulcomb (?) and has had to clear up a few spills. He's also got to meet a few drivers - Frank Biele has been his high point (he's a big touring car / DTM freak) and he just missed JB yesterday at MacLaren. Didier Auriole and Seb Loeb...
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    Utopian Future or Nightmare Scenario

    Regs at the moment require fall-back redundancy to a driver, so although the publicity photos and vehicles don't have them, the 100 or so that Google are making for research purposes will have steering wheels and pedals retro-fitted. The aim of this type of vehicle is the city-centre market...
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    Skoda Fabia body panels

    Laddo says: Door card out - swap out complete mechanism (lock out, handle out, reverse with replacement parts) - door card back on. However he reckons it's not an easy DIY job if you want a decent fit/finish.
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    Skoda Fabia body panels

    I'll ask laddo - he's doing his apprenticeship at the local dealer and, as long as he remembers, he'll look it up for you.
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    W209 Front Bumper

    It does... and don't ask how she hit the post with the parking sensors working (and they still do)...
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    W209 Front Bumper

    It's a 2006 320 Avantgarde Cabrio.
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    W209 Front Bumper

    Mrs E has managed to smash the NSF corner of the bumper :doh: - don't know how with parking sensors, etc, and tbh can't be bothered to ask (too p'd off...:mad:). Any ideas as to where I can find one at a reasonable price? Had a quick look on ebay and all seem to be cracked/damaged to some...
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    The end of British number plates?

    This is something that the eurocrats have been on about for years - it'll never happen because of the huge costs involved and, from an EU perspective, is effectively shelved. I worked on a consultative team about 5-6 years ago looking at this and, although the idea has merit in principle, there...
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    Laddo lands apprenticeship

    True - such a shame that an apprenticeship has been devalued in this country. Have a look at the apprenticeship website - receptionists, estate agents, office admin "apprenticeships" abound. Just seems an excuse to be able to employ someone at £2.68/hr and then turf them out after a year and...
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    Laddo lands apprenticeship

    Interestingly, only about 60% of the stuff that comes through the workshop is Skoda - he's worked on Land Rover, Mini, VW, BMW, Nissan and Peugeot too over the last 6 weeks. Ironically enough, this dealership took over the site after the Vx dealer went bust about 12 months ago; the big PAS...
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    Laddo lands apprenticeship

    I've just realised that I hadn't passed on this news... My lad finished his NVQ3 in Vehicle Engineering in the middle of last year and has been scouring the locality looking for an apprenticeship in a workshop. He saw an ad on the lamp-post(!) outside the local VW dealership and dropped his...
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    W211 Boot Liner

    From my ex-211 E280. Genuine MB liner (so not a cheap aftermarket one from ebay) Somewhere around £50 would be good.
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    Continental 245/45/17 - ContiSport Contact 5

    Laddo bought and fitted this to Mrs E's CLK - should have been a 40, so this one is taking up space. Brand new - just fitted, driven 20 yards, and then removed. As it has been fitted, it can't be returned... :mad: Invoice value is £159.54. Mrs E will consider reasonable offers...
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