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  1. MacCLS500

    Whats Good about Mercedes

    Mercland had a CLS55 some days ago but with mileage at 100000 put me off a bit. Again a great car.
  2. MacCLS500

    Whats Good about Mercedes

    SHMBO has a 2009 Mazda Sport 2 which for some wierd reason she loves. It amazes me how it stays fixed together when you look at the details. I hate driving it but we also use it for town driving instead of the CLS. I do not have a great deal of mechanical knoweldge of todays motors I did in the...
  3. MacCLS500

    Whats Good about Mercedes

    Thats the one I would like, looks the dogs danglers and it is in black pity mine is not sold yet. I would be very tempted but I am surprised it is on ebay. Must investigate further.
  4. MacCLS500

    Whats Good about Mercedes

    During the last 10 years I have owned mainly Volvo's and for 3 years I owned an S Type R until I purchased my last Volvo V70 T5 in 2010. My partner and self visited a Mercedes dealer to view a second hand Cayenne which was crap so we decided against. SWMBO was looking at some Mercedes in the...
  5. MacCLS500

    The Otherside

    Has anybody idea what has happended to the other side. The forum that banned TV. Have been unable to access it for a while. Have they gone off air or is there a real problem. OK appreciate not a subject for this forum but did not know if it was me who had the problem.
  6. MacCLS500

    iPod FM transmitter Unit

    Connected my iPhone 4S to my system through the Aux and it works first class, quality sound through the HK system. In the process of putting a load of my Jazz CD,s on the iphone never realised how easy it was to download with itunes. Result.
  7. MacCLS500

    Lets hope Mercland come up trumps

    I must be going bonkers I am sure I have seen this post elswhere. My lads live in Nuneaton not far from Mercland. Must be an age thing or I have failed again to keep up.
  8. MacCLS500

    CLS Owner's Register

    28. MacCLS500. 2005 CLS500 Silver with every extra availableits got the lot.
  9. MacCLS500

    AMG Replica 18"

    Very good point. A very bad habit to get into. The only change I am going to make will be to sell and purchase the AMG CLS55.
  10. MacCLS500

    AMG Replica 18"

    Thanks for the reply chaps, you are very correct regarding the quality my insurance would have been void as all parts must be OEM or an acceptable standard agreed by the insurance company so I am informed by an Insurance Investigator who just happens to be a family member. He is a bloody know...
  11. MacCLS500

    AMG Replica 18"

    As picture standard MB wheels
  12. MacCLS500

    CL65 AMG £150k car for £20k

    Had a quick butchers, not for me, its the wrong colour and its done over 50k. LMFAO!!!!!!
  13. MacCLS500

    AMG Replica 18"

    Not a great deal of experience regarding wheels but is the ebay item: Item number: 270789514531 A set of replicas AMG 18" wheels. I think they would look great on my CLS500 but a bit dubious if they are not the real thing.
  14. MacCLS500

    CLS Rear Spoiler

    Has anybody fitted a rear spoiler to their CLS. I am looking for one but the ones I have seen are priced at over £200 seems a bit over the top. Anybody got any advice where to look tried ebay lots in Asia but post worries me a bit.
  15. MacCLS500

    Dip Stick Oil

    Have I asked a stupid question as nobody has returned a comment. It was a genuine request for info.
  16. MacCLS500

    Alive and well in the Police Force

    I found it very sad that the name of Guy Gibsons black lab was changed for the latest film from Nigger to darky or something like. Very surprising how far the PC brigate have gone. Who the hell is going to be offended at a dogs name.
  17. MacCLS500

    Alive and well in the Police Force

    Thats called positive discrimination. I complained a couple of years ago about a group of Black Lady Architects working in the UK affiliated at that time. I complained, but was told that I was a causing trouble by complaining and it would be a better idea if I just accepted the principal of...
  18. MacCLS500

    Team GB Kit - Union flag altered

    100% CRAP I have returned mine.
  19. MacCLS500

    OAP & The Budget!!!!!!!!

    As an Old Aged Pensioner of 70 running a CLS500 2005 I was asked the other day by one of my neighbors how can I afford to run a Mercedes. This man is a 25 per day smoker. Very Easy I save £3879.20 per annum by stopping smoking 2 years ago 25-30 per day which as you can see pays for all my luxury...
  20. MacCLS500

    Dip Stick Oil

    2005 CLS500 has anybody fitted a dip stick, is it possible or do you just rely on computer dashboard readout for oil.
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