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    W205 18" wheel - replacement cost / repair damage to wheel

    It will need to be refurbed, not just ‘polished out’. The scratch will have gone through the lacquer on the diamond cut surface, which will deteriorate as moisture gets under, mixed with road salts and starts wheel corroding. I reckon £70-100. Wheelarch - about £400, as it’s metallic they’ll...
  2. Flyinspanner

    Alloy Refurbishment

    You don’t have to keep a diamond cut finish, you can just have powdercoat all over.
  3. Flyinspanner

    Caption Competition

    “Still my guitar, gently leaks” (With apologies to The Beatles)
  4. Flyinspanner

    18" S-Class or CL-class Difda alloys or similar

    I’ve still got these for £400 - I want the space. Genuine Alioth split rims a CL option.
  5. Flyinspanner

    Home CCTV Camera advice please

    Like Ring but £80 cheaper.
  6. Flyinspanner

    Please help. Gearbox issue. 😩

    It’s going to just be guesswork for all on here .... think you should find a garage nearby with STAR, (preferably a good indie) and get the actual faults read, then be guided by the indie. You don’t want to be 250miles away and stranded! Could be the beginning of electroplate (speed sensor)...
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    Have You Seen Any Interesting Cars On The Road Lately?

    Saw this today, for those of you who like environmentally friendly motoring........:D
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    End of the road for the 747.

    Dachet? Queen Mary? - I used to sail at HOAC in Harefield. 👍
  9. Flyinspanner

    Even more new jokes...

    Reminds me of reading “Don’t Cry For Me Sargeant Major” At night, in battle, troops advancing on the enemyand walk into a minefield, BOOM - in the dark someone screaming they’ve lost their legs. another voice says “no you haven’t they’re over here” (gallows humour)
  10. Flyinspanner

    R171 SRS Seat Sensor - Connector, and Could The Front SAM Be The Culprit?

    Disconnect battery before playing with any yellow wires... you wouldn’t want to blow any bags/tensioner 😱
  11. Flyinspanner

    End of the road for the 747.

    Earlier posts on “if they look right, they fly right” 😁 A380s only get off the ground because they’re so ugly, the earth repels them. 😂😂😂
  12. Flyinspanner

    Caption Competition

    “Tell me you love it” .......
  13. Flyinspanner

    End of the road for the 747.

    I did LAX to LHR in 8.5 hours last year in a 747, we had a stonking jetstream we rode all the way home. Groundspeed was around 750mph 😎 :rock:
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    Word association game

  15. Flyinspanner

    Hey Folks, a new...

    I was quite enjoying the potted history of the G wagon development :cool:
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    Cheap runaround

    W168 A-Class, A140 Avantgarde. 2001 Last year brake lines replaced Rebuilt auto box Massive history file. £650
  17. Flyinspanner

    What's Everyone Watching on TV

    Started on “The Alienist” on Netflix - seems quite good, (not sci-fi). psychologist tracking a murderer in NYC 1896.... Theodore Roosevelt was the police commissioner at the time (later president).
  18. Flyinspanner

    Kit Kat

    Signed and shared with 15000 -44000 colleagues also facing loss of earnings.
  19. Flyinspanner

    Dear Deidre I’m conservative and I drive a Mercedes

    Analogue Just listen to the burble......
  20. Flyinspanner

    If you were President of the World what would you ban?

    Any jean/trouser/shorts/tracksuit bottoms worn with the waistband halfway down (or below) the buttocks. You don’t look gangster, are jail cockbait. Fashion police will be issued with either “superglue” or a nail gun. 😎
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