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  1. stwat

    Anyone heard from STWAT?

    Ey up now then what's all this about? Leave my hat alone, it's never done thee any harm! It's also quite busy at the moment with all that's going on Thanks all for thinking of me. I don't deserve it for a minute. You're all wonderful. I have been struggling. But hey, don't we all. God bless the...
  2. stwat

    Lamborghini engine rebuild.

    His, Harry's Farm, vids are a good watch too.
  3. stwat

    Hi from Leicester

    Hello and welcome
  4. stwat

    Jaguar XJ220 Review

  5. stwat

    Trumps Beginning of the end

  6. stwat

    Gas dampener for centre console - length?

    Do you have a tape measure?
  7. stwat

    What's everyone listening to ?

    The Cure at Glastonbury. Superb.
  8. stwat

    W124 E36 AMG oil related problem

    Auto box oil cooler maybe?
  9. stwat

    What's everyone listening to ?

    Beastie Boys Hello Nasty. One of the best albums ever in my honest opinion. Body Movin' which is playing at the moment, perfection.
  10. stwat

    Main Dealer refuses to take credit card payment

    I thought you were leaving us?
  11. stwat

    This really GRINDS my gears!!

    That never happened.
  12. stwat

    Ants in compost bin

    They can be beneficial. Ants in compost bin - Google Search
  13. stwat

    AMG Polo Shirt anyone?

    Probably less than a fiver.
  14. stwat

    W126 500SEL advice

    In the U.S maybe. Not here in the U.K. None of my KE Jet cars have 02 sensors, as they don't have cats.
  15. stwat

    My dad, Bruce Millar

    I'm very sorry to read this. My sincere condolences to you and your family. Rest In Peace, Bruce.
  16. stwat

    Replacment Bosch distributor cap question .

    You can indeed.
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