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    Liz and I have just hear the sad news. RiP Druk.
  2. trapperjohn


    From Liz and I our deepest respect to you and yours. Our lives continue to be enriched from just knowing you and yours. If you need anything from Lancashire way, just shout.
  3. trapperjohn

    Oh s**t Oh S**t Oh S**T! Have I killed the E320?

    What Bruce said. Follow your gut if its right its right.
  4. trapperjohn

    Legal help/Advice Required Please.

    Phew what a relief for you Bruce. Congratulations on following up the advice given and being suited and booted too. Its not a bad little forum is it. CHEERS John
  5. trapperjohn

    Hello folks, old newbie here :)

    Welcome to the forum SoldierJohn.
  6. trapperjohn

    Congratulations Pauline and Olly

    Congratulations to you both.
  7. trapperjohn

    Legal help/Advice Required Please.

    Good Luck Bruce.
  8. trapperjohn

    Happy Birthday BTB 500

    Happy Birthday from me too.
  9. trapperjohn

    Oh s**t Oh S**t Oh S**T! Have I killed the E320?

    Now going back to the ancient times of the good old 300D 24v 124. I put a tenners worth of petrol in before I spotted my mistake. Topped it up with diesel and all was good - however I did have the pre and standard fuel filter changed that day as a precaution. Car never missed a beat, the petrol...
  10. trapperjohn

    16 Inch. 8 Hole Alloys. X 4.

    Part Number 210401070 71/2JX16HET41 Fitted with 3 X CONTIWINTERCONTACT and 1 X CONTIPREMIUMCONTACT. (Had a non repairable puncture in the other WinterContact) All tyres road legal. Conditional of the alloys, fair. Available from PR6 postcode or possible delivery to Yorkshire, North...
  11. trapperjohn

    Self driving lorries now

    3 pages long now. Its quite a convoy. Sorry didn't real it all. Put freight back on the railways where it belongs.
  12. trapperjohn

    Some memories never leave us.

    Just heard no Red Arrows at The Southport Air Show this year and of course no Vulcan. Its a no from John too. What ever else you put in the sky it just does not hack it the same. BBMF is there but they usually fly over our house any way.
  13. trapperjohn

    Back in a Mercedes and Loving It.

    Good Luck with the businesses Lee and roll on the dividends.
  14. trapperjohn

    Back in a Mercedes and Loving It.

    Morning Lee I dread to think what you are driving round in now. No doubt something ending in the letter "i"
  15. trapperjohn

    Back in a Mercedes and Loving It.

    Possibly, Charles Morgan bringing her North. We did the ownership change in Birmingham. If you are any good at remembering number plates it contains the number 100 and is N Reg. The letters represent the measurement of dark matter, so it says on google. Mercedes detachable tow bar too if that...
  16. trapperjohn

    Back in a Mercedes and Loving It.

    And there she blows. Just turned over 222222 (six little ducks) miles. A history file that goes way back. A previous owner ever has a "google" He is or was one Peter Coxhead MBE but unfortunately an obituary in The Telegraph now to go with his MBE. Cost new when ordered some £36,537.44 cost...
  17. trapperjohn

    Back in a Mercedes and Loving It.

    After a while of self imposed exile I'm back in an S124. You just cant get them out of your DNA. Thank you to Charles Morgan and Tron for their stewardship of this motor car too. Well first time Ive used this way of posting a picture lets see how she blows.
  18. trapperjohn

    Trans Canada Highway.

    Im a bit of a planner. In 2021 (its only 4 years away!!) we have our Golden Wedding Anniversary. And I was thinking of going "gold panning" in Canada. A. because we have always fancied going to see Canada and B. I could pop a little golden something into SWMBOs pan by slight of hand. Now the...
  19. trapperjohn

    Just got a text

    As long as your car does not start "liking" your posts on facebook, or not. Then it should be OK.
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