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  1. Charles Morgan

    My dad, Bruce Millar

    I'm so sorry to hear this Molly, Bruce and I had a lot of fun together working on his W124 and shooting the breeze. My regards and condolences to your mum, always so friendly and hospitable when I came down to visit.
  2. Charles Morgan

    W114 CE 250 Coupe undecided

    I have the slight advantage of having fully restored a W114 coupe and seen numerous in the process. These cars are highly prone to rust everywhere, and in numerous hidden places.
  3. Charles Morgan

    W114 CE 250 Coupe undecided

    Buy genuine. You'll save money in fitting and it will look right. Pattern invariably do not fit correctly in 3 dimensions. However, Autoteile Glauner have a good selection of replacement parts at a much better price than Niemoller. I would avoid any secondhand parts especially wings, within...
  4. Charles Morgan

    Kia sportage or Hyundai Santa fe? Advise sought please.

    I stayed with a friend in Spain last month, and as there were many liquid lunch and dinner outings planned, I volunteered to drive. He had a new Kia Sorrento - a huge thing capable of seating seven and climbing the rock track to his house. I have to say the car reeked of quality, very...
  5. Charles Morgan

    W114 Floorpans same in Saloon and Coupe?

    Try Autoteile Glauner also.
  6. Charles Morgan

    W124 OM606 engine running issue

    Sorted - the idle adjustment of the throttle cable was so far out the engine was racing. Now set to a very comfortable idle.
  7. Charles Morgan

    W124 OM606 engine running issue

    No jump start, battery was fully trickle charged. The OVP relay was changed about 18months ago for something that worked. The loom, it must be said, is in lousy condition. That includes the glowplug leads to the relay (irrelevant here) and the wiring to the manifold. I normally move the car...
  8. Charles Morgan

    W124 OM606 engine running issue

    It's entirely possible a number of things went awry on refitting. I'll have a good look at those links thanks!
  9. Charles Morgan

    W124 OM606 engine running issue

    An intriguing one. I have a W124 multivalve (OM606) diesel estate on my drive which finally I want to get back on the road. A couple of years ago I took off the manifold to get to the glowplugs to replace them, of which I managed 5 of 6. I never got round to putting the manifold back on, but...
  10. Charles Morgan

    Driven - The Billy Monger story

    Really moving and emotional, but what a fine young man. Well worth watching! BBC iPlayer - Driven: The Billy Monger Story
  11. Charles Morgan

    Nov 2018 NEC Classic Car Show

    Friday is by far the best day. I've stopped going though, the NEC is a hideous location with lousy lighting which makes enjoyment of the cars limited.
  12. Charles Morgan

    Wood Restoration Specialist South East

    Silvercrest in Iver, Bucks. Absolutely top notch (they did my W114 interior) and not too expensive.
  13. Charles Morgan

    MB World - Sunday 21st October - 11:00am

    1. Bryan Allman 2. BTB 500 (Bill) 3. Gaz_l 4. mattk1 5. C43AMG 6. Doodle 7. MissyD 8. Charles Morgan. Now which non Benz to bring?
  14. Charles Morgan

    Exterior wood treatment suggestions

    Not knowing the company, and thinking it sounded like a firm that would advertise Elasticated Cavalry Twill trousers with incontinence pads in the Saturday Telegraph, I googled it. The horror!
  15. Charles Morgan

    Exterior wood treatment suggestions

    That's a pretty comprehensive vote for OSMO. Although I do have five litres of used engine oil lurking in the woodshed...
  16. Charles Morgan

    Exterior wood treatment suggestions

    Certainly looks good - is it suitable for application to wood that has been there for some time? - it looks to be aimed at newer wood that hasn't yet lost its colour.
  17. Charles Morgan

    Exterior wood treatment suggestions

    I have a lovely oak door that is in need of some TLC. Before my time it was treated with varnish with a stain, which I hate, but it has weathered and faded. I want something to provide good weather protection, which restores the colour a bit but keeps the contrast between the bands of colour in...
  18. Charles Morgan

    Considering W124 300 24v coupe

    24V 300 eat cylinder heads. If the MOT has no advisories with a car laid up for 10 years and no evidence of money spent on it, then I would consider the MOT worthless (I have plentiful experience of MOTs showing nothing and a cursory inspection revealing numerous fail items). Why was it laid up...
  19. Charles Morgan

    A claim to fame?

    Thank heavens it's a rear view... That's lovely Bruce. Apropos of nothing at all it reminds me of my favourite pub sign story. The famous White Horse pub at Chilgrove was owned then by legendary wine merchant Barry Philips and he needed a new sign as the old one was well past it. He asked the...
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