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    Caption Competition

    For Gods sake, fart and get me out of here.
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    Happy Birthday, BEJ

    Many thanks to all. 81 and hoping to make a few more birthdays yet!
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    Happy birthday whitenemesis

    Another one Peter? Happy birthday.
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    Happy Birthday, developer

    It does not feel like another year has passed so quickly. Happy birthday John.
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    Mercedes-Benz Guildford (Sandown Group) - Good Service

    I always used them when I had my SLK, only just down the road from me. I wholeheartedly second Wills comments.
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    Slk32 coolant leak

    Alternative is to have it repaired by a reputable radiotor specialist. It's what we used to do back in my day.
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    Even more new jokes...

    I suspect that very few, if any, jokes are new. Just resurected.
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    Even more new jokes...

    Two nuns cycling along a cobbled road. First nun said "Do you come this way often?" Second nun replied "No, it must be the cobbles".
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    A Bit Of Swedish Cool I Reckon

    Like the colour John. My Passat GT Estate is only a tad smaller than the superb, but it carries my scooter half folded, with the back seat still in place, saving me a lot of effort.
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    Sun’s out [for summer]...

    At the first sign of a settled dry spell of weather out came that very powerful pressure washer. The annual chore of washing the patios was upon me again. Took it resonably easy, did one patio on one day and the other the next. Must say, they are looking good, but for how long? Oh, also took the...
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    Virol - what on Earth was it?

    Was Virol still going in the 70's? I remember taking Virol - which I loved - and a daily spoonful of cod liver oil - which I hated - during the war years. That was the second world war (39-45) for any smartass who was going to pass comments like was that the Boer war@
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    Even more new jokes...

    I found all the letters but I can't remember why I was looking for them.
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    Even more new jokes...

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    A Bit Of Swedish Cool I Reckon

    I've had four Volvos in my time, a 240 estate, two 3 series and the latest an XC60 which for a two tonner went like the proverbial from a shovel. Current car is a VW passat estate GT DSG which is quite cavernous but not as large as the V90. Enjoy your new car John.
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    Between 65 and Death

    Latest reports say that the happiest year of your life is when you hit 82. Can't wait for the next 18 months to pass.
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    I Suppose It's TIme I Posted Something

    As others have said welcome back John. Like you I no longer have a Merc, but I am running a Euro 6 compliant VW passat GT estate. Same size as the Superb.
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    Many thanks for all your suggestions. Damp microfibre cloth seems to have worked. I only tried a small area at first to test, but will have a more concentrated effort on the other seat tomorrow. :D:D
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    Does anyone know the best way to clean alcantara heated seats ? Obviously I don't want to get them too wet due to the heating elements in the seat. Of course, I had to order the seats in white/ very light cream, so they show every mark.
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    Speed Camera Alerts

    Use Waze, allways up to date as datais constantly inputted by users. Not sure if your car has Apple car play though.
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    Xmas memories

    Christmas 1970. We were staying with my parents on Christmas eve night with our 6 week old son. First thing was he slept all through the night for the first time, and the second gift was that it had snowed overnight and we had the beauty of a white Christmas on the farm.
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