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    Changing the ATF

    Filled for life- refilled for longer life. I bet you're more concerned about longevity outside the warranty than MB are. RH
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    Changing the ATF

    It's been swilling through the box for 50k miles- why wouldn't it need changing? RH
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    Lowest Depreciation Cars ???

    I make it nearer 9000 per year appreciation. Well done. RH
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    Lowest Depreciation Cars ???

    The ghettoes are full of them, aren't they? You could do a lot worse than a boxster S. RH
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    diff oil change yes or no?

    Take a tip from someone who's recently done it on a Mondeo- the filler hole is too small for some of the big oil syringes; I had to shave the end of mine in order for it to fit. Check before you drain & you'll swear less than I did. RH
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    diff oil change yes or no?

    Buy a new car or at least new parts. This is more likely when the old one is knackered through lack of oil changes in its life. RH
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    diff oil change yes or no?

    That's quite clever, actually. RH
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    diff oil change yes or no?

    Filled for life. Drained & refilled for longer life. Mine was changed at 100k & I feel a lot happier for it having seen the rancid crap that came out of the diff. RH
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    Plans to move UK to European time zone edge a step closer. Road Safety Affected?

    In order to support your argument, please provide an example of when this has ever happened. If not, I propose we ignore it. RH
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    F1 and Bahrain

    Sounds just like America to me. RH
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    Blinding brake lights

    God forbid that anyone has to do anything as difficult as applying a parking brake rather than having other people inconvenienced by unnecessary glare. RH
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    2002 SLK 230K For Sale

    Mike- tried to email you some photos but your email address didn't work. PM me, call me or text the address to me & I'll send them to you. Bruce
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    2002 SLK 230K For Sale

    Despite falling in love with it all over again during some time off over Xmas, I really ought to sell this car. Price reduced to #5500 if this will persuade someone out there. Bruce
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    getting quote from a garage, is it usual to be asked for VIN no.?

    If they really wanted to do that then there's nothing stopping them from reading it whilst they're working on the car. It's normal procedure for getting the right parts ordered- no worries. RH
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    Homebrew Ethanol...

    Do you honestly think they'll care? RH
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    Turbo cool down

    If the turbo dies on a eg 6-7 years old car & MB have to sell you a new one, would they be upset? Unusually, I'm 100% on Flanaia's side on this one. RH
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    16'' clk alloy wheels

    I might have something suitable for you- whereabouts in the country are you? RH
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    What's the point

    I'd put myself between three & four on the scale- a mixture of what's in my best interest & how a decent society is in my ultimate interest. I wouldn't go so far as to embrace total altruism. (ie a bit naughty sometimes rather than evil) RH
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    Cheap SLK on Pistonheads - scam or genuine?

    Sounds like a compliment to me- take it as such. Some of us make godawful curry. RH
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