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    Project Idea

    I have been considering doing the same thing since I spotted a LWB 280GE close to me.
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    Arise Sir Ivan

    The BBC did a brilliant job recording the Cyprus Ave concert, the sound quality was amazing. I suspect it will appear on a DVD on some point in the future.
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    Mercedes W114 250 Coupe - help!

    There's a Pagoda in Arabian Grey over red leather on the back of the Gazette this month. It looks fantastic being both a period correct and a contemporary colour.
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    1976 Mercedes 240d/w115 mercedes emblem needed

    I'm not sure exactly which part you are referring to, but I will have one. I have a couple of complete grilles.
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    Cheap Restoration Project Ideas

    Floor pans are similar as the carpets are interchangeable between coupe and saloon. Things like sills are also interchangeable with a bit of modification.
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    w115 rear and front bumper

    Have you looked on eBay? There's a front and rear on there now.
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    C43 AMG Single Wiper Mechanism - Sticking at 45°

    There is a pattern part available as I have one. There are 2 types of connectors blocks though, check to see what shape yours is. I can't remember offhand which is which. I bought a brand new motor from MB in 2008 and it was £250 then, so prices have gone up significantly.
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    225/45 17 fronts vs 245/40 17 rats?

    There will be a slight stretch on the rears, but what is the point? I have found 245/40s to be cheaper than 225/45s in the past, for the same tyre.
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    W202 owners manual - estate

    I've got one of them too!
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    LPG conversion on W211

    I had my M112 engined C280 converted to LPG. I had a 68 litre doughnut tank in the spare wheel well, however that only gives you an effective volume of 60 litres to allow for expansion. This gave me a range of approx 320 miles on gas. Mercedes generally take to LPG very well but I'd be checking...
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    W202 owners manual - estate

    Yes, I've got one for a 98 car.
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    W202 with no rust idealy 1998,1999,2000

    I have a complete car but it is in Northern Ireland. It does have factory rolled arches all round for AMG wheels. If we could work out logistics, I could send over any bits you need. In fact, I think the passenger side headlamp wiper on your car came off mine!
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    Chrysler Crossfire

    You are conveniently not mentioning the bore score issues with Porsche engines of that vintage.
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    W115 parts please

    I've got a rear bumper but it is from a 114, so has longer sides. They would be interchangeable but you would need additional brackets, which I don't have. The rear quarter panel would also need to be modified.
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    W115 parts please

    H&R do a set of 50mm lowering springs for the 115. They're pricey though, about £300.
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    Mercedes W114 250 Coupe - help!

    Sorry Charles, I've cleared my inbox now.
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    Floor paint recommendations

    You'll need a primer for power floated concrete then paint as normal. Go to your local Johnstones trade centre and they'll advise. I recently painted my garage floor with their Flortred paint which is fine for domestic garages. They also do a two pack version for heavier duty but it is much more...
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    Any Ideas? R170 SLK reverse lights not working & drivers door switch also dead???

    I had the same problem on a 202 and although the contacts looked ok in the box you refer to, replacing it solved the problem.
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    W114 / W115 Front Bumper Brackets & Wiper Arm

    I should have all of these, I'll check tonight .
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    Fancy a W115

    Hi, I might sell mine soon, once I get the carb issue sorted. It's a 72 220 auto in Dunkelrot (aubergine). It's featured in the official MB owners club 60th anniversary book.
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