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  1. mark44

    Genuine C63 Edition 507 black alloy wheel - KERB DAMAGED
  2. mark44

    Whats the rarest AMG uk model?

    I've seen 3 different G63 6x6's, but only ever seen 1 x R63 I saw a thread where someone had done a full R-class facelift conversion with all the OEM parts listed and thought about doing it on the R63 which was newer made. Now that would be rare. Still a big fan of the R63. By far the coolest...
  3. mark44

    AMG Exhaust vid.

    Straight pipe and headers I reckon...
  4. mark44

    AMG Exhaust vid.

    That video helped sell a lot of M156 C63's (mine included!)
  5. mark44

    507 or not??

    I doubt you will find a 507 at a main dealer now - they are just too old. Both V8 cars are very satisfying ownership prospects, you wont be disappointed either way. As always condition and history are key, but I would personally want and unconnected independent mechanic to check out any high...
  6. mark44

    C63 507 Model Register

    PPP less than 3000 miles? Dang! Looks like new. I'd have that over a 507
  7. mark44

    C63S saloon exhaust system

    Curious to see if you've heard your car under load from outside (i.e. with someone else driving)? I was surprised just how much louder my car sounds from the outside. I heard a W205 C63s near my dealer recently, admittedly not the FL - but it sounded plenty loud enough from the outside. To get...
  8. mark44

    C63 PPP MPG Difference?

    Just had a look in the old 2012+2013 204 saloon/estate brochures. No separate info for ppp, but fuel consumption on c63 + C63 507 is listed as identical - 'officially' 15.5-33.6 (23.5 combined) - as is CO2. So there you have it, more power with no additional fuel consumption. It's a...
  9. mark44

    C63 PPP MPG Difference?

    I meant a driver with a heavy foot in a standard 63 vs a light foot on a ppp. Driven identically the ppp is going to be slightly worse on the mpg, but I reckon there next to nothing in it
  10. mark44

    C63 PPP MPG Difference?

    Really depends on how and where you drive. I expect it would be pretty easy to get better mpg from a PPP/507 than a regular c63 if you drive gently. But make no mistake, the M156 does not encourage gentle driving. Personally, I've NEVER seen over 30mpg, but I've frequently seen 10mpg ...but if...
  11. mark44

    Have You Seen Any Interesting Cars On The Road Lately?

    Wow - that takes me back. I remember getting the brochure for one of those when they first came out when my dad was buying an escort. I thought they were AMAZING until the Cosworth came out. That one looks mint considering the rust-buckets most must have become.
  12. mark44

    US hire car suggestions

    Hi all, I'm back from holiday (incredible) and thought I'd give an update. My pre-paid 'Mercedes E350' was not available at SF, instead a Jag XF supercharged 3.0 V6 was offered. I had the rep fish around, but the Jag was IMO the best option - most of the alternatives were 4 cylinder Volvo...
  13. mark44

    Polish then wax or wax then polish?

    What would you normally have to pay a detailer to do ALL the above steps? It sure looks like a lot of elbow grease!
  14. mark44

    Evo - Next generation C Class

    I'm not a gambling man, but I'm fully expecting the W206 C63 drive-train will be announced to be higher power version of the electrical assisted 53. Performance Audi + BMW departments have caved, Ferrari looks in a similar position. The CO2 fleet targets are punitive for high emission...
  15. mark44

    My dad, Bruce Millar

    Hi Molly, I'm extremely sorry for your and your family's loss. Please accept my sincere condolences. While I never had the pleasure of meeting him, your father certainly came across as a colorful character and he will be very much missed by many of the loosely associated collection of...
  16. mark44

    265/30/19 Michelin PS4S - W204 C63

    I have the same tyre and size. Yes, Mine look like that also. If you look on the edge of the tyre I think it says 'rim protector' or something similar. I'm very happy with them. They seem to be wearing better than the conti4s Mark
  17. mark44

    C63s Review on Pistonheads

    They look like the forged wheels from the C63 Black series :thumb:
  18. mark44

    US hire car suggestions

  19. mark44

    US hire car suggestions

    FYI I've decided to book a 'select/elite' level vehicle - most likely from Budget. Depending on what is available on the day and supplement, I may upgrade - but at least it insures a fairly high initial level of vehicle. There often doesn't seem to be a lot of logic to some of the rates - e.g. a...
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