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    W124 E300D Multivalve with Carlsson Wheels

    My Merc. On Ebay 1995 Mercedes W124 E300 Diesel E300D 24v Multivalve ~ Low Mileage ~ Carlsson | eBay
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    Sprinter Side Windows - cheap

    Volkswagen Crafter Mercedes Sprinter VAN Glass Off Side Near Front Windows | eBay
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    W124 Coupe with 606 Diesel Engine

    Does anyone know this car Looks interesting , shame its not auto... MERCEDES W124 MANUAL TURBO DIESEL COUPE For Sale (1992) on Car And Classic UK [C534773]
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    Mercedes W124 Cabriolet / Convertivle E220

    For Sale, my Mercedes E220 Convertible, Full Mercedes / Specialist History, 2 Sets of keys, all original tools and manuals, rare colour, rare wind deflector. High Spec model with Cruise Control, Heated Seats and Air Con. Covered 118,000 Miles. Been pampered in my posession, Owned by HSBC...
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    Managing Director of Euro Car Parts has left..

    Sukhpal Singh Ahluwalia, who is the MD of Euro Car Parts has today left with immediate effect. Sukhpal is the typical Asian rags to riches story - came to the UK at the age of 13 as a refugee, in 1978 he started off in a cornershop selling autoparts. Built the business to a £248 Million turnover...
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    Dpf from Sprinter removed.

    My 2009 Sprinter started to lose power due to a blocked Dpf. So I decided to get rid of it. First step ŵas to have the Dpf software deleted from the ecu. Once this was done I took it to Simon at Spannerz in leeds who cut the dpf out from the exhaust and welded a new one in. The van runs a lot...
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    W124 E220 cutting out problem

    I have a W124 E220 1996, it has a problem, when you take your foot off the accelerator the thing cuts out, so you have to keep the revs on all the time. My mechanic has checked the fuel relay and the fuel return pipe- but still no joy, any suggestions on what it is, and does anyone know of a...
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    Interesting Merc

    Mercedes-Benz 500 SEC BB ?Magic Top? | eBay
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    E220 TE - Cheap Car - someone save this old girl

    1993 MERCEDES 220 TE AUTO 7 Seater W124 Estate Car ~ Service History ~ Long MOT | eBay
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    W124 E220 Engine Will Not Start

    Help - We have a W124 E220 Automatic which does not start, we have changed the starter motor with a working one and it has not helped. The starter motor gets warm, and the car sounds like it is trying to turn its engine but it sounds very feeble and weak. Any suggestions ...... We have tried...
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    W124 5 Seat - 7 Seat Conversion

    I have a nice Multivalve W124 which I want to turn into a 7 seater - I have the donor car too, which is a factory 7 seater - how complex is this job and has anyone else attempted it ?
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    W124 - 12 Valve Diesel or Multivalve Diesel 24v

    Sold my Diesel Multivalve a few days ago, so looking to replace it with either another Multivalve or a 12v Diesel, I have never owned a 12 valve, but the bodies look in better condition and some have some nice check upholstery and even velour . Please can someone highlight the differences...
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    W124 e220 cabriolet keeps cutting out.

    I foolishly cleaned the engine bay on my e220 cab. Used a degreaser and then a watering can with a rose on it to rinse off. Since doing this the car now cuts out every time you take your foot off the accelerator . I have sprayed everything with Wd. But it's still doing it. Any ideas...
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    W124 8 hole alloy wheels

    I am after a set of 4 x w124 alloy wheels 8 hole design. With or without tyres
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    Mercedes W124 E220 Coupe/Cabrio Exhaust System

    I need a Mercedes Original exhaust for an E220 Cabrio, I believe E220 Coupe is same fitment. Complete exhaust or sections considered.
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    S320 CDiL or Audi A8L 4.2 TDi Quattro

    Hi, Does anyone know about the new S320 CDi L, I am considering buying one but am also very tempted by the A8L 4.2 TDi as it seems to have a much better spec than the Merc (and its about 4k cheaper), both cars I am looking at are 2007 models and LWB. I am sure folk on this site will be a little...
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    E220 Cabriolet Exhaust problems

    I have a 1996 E220 Cabriolet , I am having major trouble getting an exhaust for it, I don't want a stainless steel one as I have had a stainless back box fitted and I am not happy with the exhaust note. I am willing to buy a secondhand complete system if anyone has one. Also does anyone know...
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    Exhaust Blues E220 Cabriolet

    Hi, I have a 1996 N reg E220 Cabriolet, recently my exhaust back box went, I wanted to replace with an OEM back box but I was surprised when Derwent Bradford told me they are no longer in stock, and Mercedes Germany are also out of stocj and they do not know how long it will take to get one. I...
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