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  1. LowMilerAMG

    Not Too Many Like This! Cool 190E

    This looks cool, retro 90's at its best!
  2. LowMilerAMG

    Recaro W124 Mushroom Leather Supplier

    Hi everyone, just trying to get a couple of front Recaro seats re trimmed and my trimmers are having trouble getting a close match to the original leather. Anybody know of a manufacturer that has a leather colour that is as close as factory? Any leads would be much appreciated.
  3. LowMilerAMG

    SLS AMG Wanted

    SLS Coupe wanted. Will consider any colour and spec. Cash waiting for the right car.
  4. LowMilerAMG

    M104 C36 pistons/rings

    Hi everyone, any body know what the best port of call is for replacement pistons/rings for this engine? Been to the dealers, they have been in contact with technical and say that neither the original pistons at 91mm or repair pistons at 91.5mm are available. I gave them the part nos which seemed...
  5. LowMilerAMG

    W124 Ducktail For Saloon

    On an iPhone so can't copy link, but this is the item no if somebody can 110848994990 . These seem to be getting harder to source nowadays so may well be worth it to somebody .
  6. LowMilerAMG

    C124 AMG Duck Tail

    Just wondered if the AMG Duck Tail for the coupe version of the W124 will fit the facelift post 94 coupes? The reason I ask is that in the AMG brochures of that period the Duck Tail is never fitted. I know from pictures that Akash E36 coupe had one fitted so I'm not too sure.:dk: Anyone...
  7. LowMilerAMG

    Blaupunkt Service Agents

    Anybody know of any good Blaupunkt service agents in or around the London area? All the good guys from the late 80's seem to have moved on without a trace.:(
  8. LowMilerAMG

    Amg duck tail

    Just a quick question for you guys that may know, was there ever bolts on the ends of the centre section of a W124 Duck Tail. I've fitted one to my W201 and that was a case of just bonding it to the bootlid, should this be the same for the W124?:dk: The bolts come through at the very edge of the...
  9. LowMilerAMG

    Recaro Classic / Ideal C : What Do The Buttons Do?

    Just wondered if any body out there (I guess Nick , Jay or Talbir) knows what the different buttons are for on these old Recaro seats. Ive worked out the heater and backrest adjustment buttons but how do the three air pump buttons which are normally blue work?:dk: Sorry to be dim witted as I...
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