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    SL350 yes or no ??

    Hi I'm thinking of trading in my 2009 E-class 350CDI coupe for an SL350 of approx 2007-2009 model year , is this a good move or not ??? I've always loved SL's & always wanted one but after some research I'm hearing some horror stories amongst some of the good reviews ! I've heard they leak...
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    2009 E350 coupe IPhone issue

    Hi everyone !! I've just upgraded my phone from an iPhone 4S to an iPhone 6 & I'm having trouble connecting it to my 2009 E350 ....... It was easy to sync the 4S to the car but it doesn't seem to want to recognise my new iPhone 6 , is there an incompatibility issue between car & phone & do I...
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    Engine / transmission ECU

    Hi guys !! Not sure if this should be in this section or the electronics section but I was just wondering if the engine & transmission share the same ECU or are using separate ones on a 2007 SLK280 ?? Thanks Mark
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    Independent in Surrey

    Hi guys Does anyone know of a good , reputable Mercedes Independant specialist in Surrey ??? Handy to know just in case LOL CHEERS MARK
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    2007 SLK280 auto poor starting

    Hi guys !! My 2007 SLK Auto has developed a starting issue which now sees the car taking anything between 2& 6 turns of the key before it will start , when it refuses to start the engine spins over fine it just won't fire !! After a few attempts it will start & then be totally fine !, the...
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    2007 slk280 dlc3

    Hi Can anyone tell me where the DLC3 connector is located on a 2007 SLK 280 ? Thanks in advance Cheers Mark
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    2007 SLK 280 auto gearbox fluid

    Hi , Can anyone tell me how to replace the geatbox oil on my wife's 2007 SLK280 auto or point me in the direction of any videos that show how this is done as I can't seem to find any !!!!! Also what spec oil do I need ?? Thanks in advance Mark
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    'Clonking' noise from gearbox

    Hi guys I've just bought my wife a 2007 SLK280 with the 7 speed transmission but when I switch it from 'C' to 'S' I hear a mechanical 'clonk' from underneath & I can feel the car move a little , I've only noticed this when the car is stationary !! The car has done 57800 mikes , does anyone...
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    2007 SLK wind deflector

    Hi Looking to buy a rear wind deflector for my wife's 2007 SLK 280 to st the buffeting when the roof is down If anyone has one they'd like to sell please let me know here ! Cheers Mark
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    Engine oil R171 slk 280

    Just wondering what grade/brand of engine oil those of you with an SLK 280 (R171) use ?? I've just bought one for my wife & would like to change the oil & filter so I know it's running the correct oil for my own peace of mind ! Any help would be appreciated Cheers Mark
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    Possible slk280 purchase

    Hi Guys I'm thinking about buying my wife a 2007 SLK 200 or perhaps 280 (R171 I believe is the model code)....... Just wondering if there are any issues I need to be aware of on these models before I decide to go take a look at some ! Any help / guidance would be much appreciated , thanks in...
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    Best tuning mods 2009 E350 CDI Coupe

    Hi guys, I'm thinking about getting some performance mods done on my '09 E350 CDI but wondered what people thought were the best ones to have & recommend a reputable company to carry them out ?? Any help would be great , thanks in advance Mark
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    2004 C-class coupe centre console

    Hi Guys Can anyone tell me how the centre console comes out on my wife's 2004 C-Class C200 Kompressor coupe ??? The flap on the cubby box won't stay shut as the locating clip has snapped off so I want to remove it so I can repair it :D Any help would be most appreciated Thanks guys Mark
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    Cabin filter 2004 C-Class coupe

    Hi guys , Can anyone tell me where the cabin/pollen filter is located on my wife's 2004 C200 Kompressor Coupe ??........ The heater air flow output is very poor on any setting so want to check this to see if it's blocked & needs replacing or not !! Thanks in advance Cheers Mark
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    C200k engine oil

    Hi everyone ! I'm going to service my wife's '54 reg C200 Kompressor coupe on Saturday & just want to know what the correct grade of oil is recommended for this particular engine ?? Any help would be most appreciated :):thumb: Thanks in advance Mark
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    Valet services in surrey ?

    Hi guys ! Can anyone tell me of a good valeting service in the Surrey area ( preferably around the Guildford area) , I want to keep my E350 in the best condition possible but I don't seem to have the time ( or any decent weather lately) to do it & I HATE it being dirty ! Any help would be most...
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    2009 E -Class 350 CDI coupe chrome trims!

    Hi Guys Only had this car about 4-6 weeks & when cleaning it I've noticed that the chrome trims around the roofline & tops of the doors are 'cloudy' in appearance , I've tried Autosol on them & while it is better the 'cloudiness' is still there ! Can anyone recommend a product or what to do...
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    2009 e350 cdi coupe , correct oil ?

    Hi I've just bought this car & want to supply my own oil when it goes into the dealer to be serviced (cheaper than buying from them LOL), but want to be sure I'm supplying the correct type & grade of oil for this Diesel engine , I understand it needs to be a low ash type but can anyone tell me...
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    2009 E-Class E350 CDI COUPE (W207) A/C

    Hi Does anyone know the quantity of A/C refrigerant this model takes ??...... I've just got the car & I always get the A/C systems serviced as soon as I get a new car so i know all is well , any advice would be much appreciated ! Cheers Mark
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    2004 w203 C200 Kompressor dipstick

    Hi Does anywhere know where I can buy a dipstick for my wife's Kompressor ??.... Tried my local dealership but they said they don't sell them but I hate relying on the instrument panel way of checking as I'd much rather physically see how much oil is in the sump !!...... I'm sure I'm not the...
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