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    My estate

    I love it ..... especially the interior. I restored my S124 Sportline a few years ago, it was red but entirely stock. I will try to dig out some pictures from the old laptop ! Gary
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    Cleaning diesel crap from exhaust ends

    Try some of the spray on oven cleaner ...... leave to soak in, then VERY FINE steel wool. Be careful with the cleaner, it is vile stuff, keep away from paintwork, and try not to breath it in either ! Gary
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    Pagoda goes in for a refresh

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    Wheel refurb what finish?

    They look fantastic ..... And I don't think too expensive either. With any decent re-furb in paint costing upwards of £60 each. Gary
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    Erm, help needed

    No, It does not have any mudflaps. I am happy to answer any questions etc. Gary
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    Erm, help needed

    Yes, It has been a great car. Stamped up service book to about 130k ... I think ? Oil and filters changed , and front driveshaft CV boots done around 3 months ago. I will remove my registration number and offer it for sale. Maybe on flea-bay or to a Merc breaker ? Gary
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    Erm, help needed

    I have had my 2004 ML 270 cdi special edition, for about 5 years ..... It has been great, super reliable too. UNTIL ....... a month ago ! Had the car serviced, it has done 139k. At the same time I had the glow plugs changed and the injector seals replaced, a w,eek later the injector wiring...
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    Anybody else hate this guy?

    Diane Abbott ...... Now there is a truly loathsome individual . Much more deserving of comment, than James Corden ? Gary
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    Nothing comes close to Collinite .... for performance against price ! This stuff lasts. Gary
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    8 Holes / 15 Holes - In smoke silver ?

    Hello, Has anyone wet painted a set in this finish ? I have been at my cousins unit - and a guy asked the question ... He has been refurbishing the remainder of his stock of 15 and 8 hole Merc alloys. I would love to see any pictures of "different" colours, used on these styles of...
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    The ideal winter accessory for a LHD w124

    I have never seen any as heavy duty as that....they could last for years...and years !
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    might have to say goodbye to tesco own brand polish :)

    For sheer value... Collinite. I use Collinite, use this and water won't bead and stay on the panels....It just sheets off. Good stuff, out performs almost everything, in the under £20 market. Ideal for winter.
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    Hello All ! Modded C63 Estate by Matt

    Welcome, A Very cool and mean estate .... and no mistake. I am in the process of restoring my W124 Sportline estate, just finished the paint last night. If there is any interest, I will try and get some photo's uploaded.
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    Corroded Pipes

    Just replaced the rear SLS suspension spheres and pipes on my 230te. The pipes were £53 each from MERC. As far as I am aware, unavailable anywhere else....If its got to be done, do it properly.
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    Cheapest Car Parts

    S124 230te. Anybody purchased an exhaust recently, recommend ? Hello, Giving all next week up, to get stuck into the 230te Sportline restoration. Along with many parts required, an exhaust. Not getting robbed at the main dealer....but, do not want a poor pattern part either, has...
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    Blue S124 Build Thread (Heavy Pics!)

    I am just starting the restoration of my 230te Sportline, to standard.. Its just the way I like them. But, your car looks fantastic, the arches are very cool...nice colour choice too, I love it ! Gary
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    Hello everyone

    Just joined today ! Hello everyone. Just joined today, after intending to do it for months ! I have had many Mercs over the years, including a 1993 190d 2.5, 1989 190 auto and a 1994 e220. The latest is my 1993 w124 300d, which is just coming to the end of a 12 month restoration. Here...
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