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    Euro car parts - no discount code

    I have bought quite a bit from ECP over the years - all by mail order to avoid the queues in the stores. Overall it has been a good experience. There has never before been a time when there was no discount code - and generally the discount was around 50% on common parts. The discount code has...
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    211 air con condenser advice please

    Looking for some advice please. My 2007/8 s211 e280cdi needs a new air con condenser as it has a very small pin hole in it - I guess from a stone hitting it. Mercedes price is £345 +VAT less a bit of discount so £300+. Euro has two options - Hella at £200 and EIS at £40. I would normally buy...
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    Air bag light problem

    First a confession this relates to a VAG car (a Seat Ibiza 2009) and prompted my OBD post. The air bag light came on yesterday. Connected a friends generic scanner and not able to access the SRS system at all. Checked the fuse on the SRS circuit and it is OK but there is no 12v supply at the...
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    OBD scanner recommendation please

    I'm looking to buy a OBD scanner that will work across Mercedes, BMW, VAG and Toyota. I have seen a "Launch" system recommended. It is about 200 pounds direct from Launch in Plymouth but half that on ebay; I realise that the ebay ones are likely to be Chinese copies? Any advice on this or other...
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    Wanted VW Polo 1.4 petrol 2005-2010

    I know it is not a MB...but you never know!
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    w124 e300d 1995 front wings

    I am looking for a pair of front wings that I can bolt on to my car to keep it on the road whilst I have the originals repaired. Condition and colour not too important but o/s one must have air intake slats of course. Alternatively a couple (or one esp o/s) of good original MB wings would be of...
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    w124 o/s indicator (white) genuine

    The lens has fallen off the offside indicator on my 95 e300d estate. Can anyone help me with a genuine Merc one please?
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    Oh dear

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    w124 plastic bumper repair

    I need to repair a hole in the rear bumper. I plan to remove the bumper then fibre glass behind then a layer of filler to fill the hole - which is about 5 cm by 2cm. A few years ago I used Isopon on the front bumper and it has held up well albeit with a very small crack line where the filler...
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    I do not wish to link my paypal account to my bank account due to all the problems that I have heard about. I also keep my paypal balance low or empty. So typically my ebay purchases get paid through paypal from my credit card - but today I am having problems with the CC authorisation. I think...
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    Squealing brakes

    Ok sorry it is on a VW Polo rather than a MB. I replaced the discs and pads about 40k miles ago (Bosch). Now they are squealing when applied. Pretty sure it is the front - the rear is drum. I have cleaned the pads and caliper and put copper grease on. But still squealing. Any tips please?
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    Polo tdi whistle noise

    Sorry this is a question about our 2006 polo tdi - there is a slight whistle when load is applied to the steering and gets louder on full lock. Any ideas what would cause this please - is it an early warning of impending failure? Car has done 100k miles.
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    w124 indicator stalk

    The square end piece of the indicator stalk (where you push in for the wash wipe function) has parted company from the stalk. I think that I must have weakened it when I removed it a few months ago to fix a problem with the wipers coming on when indicating. There are two small lugs holding it in...
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    Happy New Year from Torbay Parking Services

    New years day in Devon; almost deserted car park next to the beach in Paignton and cars parked out on the approach road which is legal in the winter months......well for all of the road except the last 3 car lengths which is past the arrow sign saying "no parking May - September". And guess who...
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    w124 fan "squirrel cage" removal?

    I think that the fan cage on the end of the blower motor is called a squirrel cage - question is how to remove and replace this - how is it held in place please? This is a single cage non aircon model.
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    w124 heater fan - refurb?

    Is it possible to refurbish these - it is a non a/c model. The MB price is about £300 for a new one.
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    W124 e300 diesel estate

    E300 DIESEL MERCEDES 110K! AUTOMATIC ESTATE 1995 W124 on eBay (end time 12-Nov-10 19:08:20 GMT) Seems a very "hopeful" price considering the list of things that need to be fixed bodily and mechanically.
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    w124 heater fan packed up

    It has just packed up on my w124 1995 e300 diesel; does anyone know of a reasonably priced second hand one - or where I can buy a new brush set - I am sure that will be the problem.
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    Tom Tom XL classic - difference with v2?

    I have just picked up a Tom Tom XL classic from halfords - ordered on line and dashed in to pick it up - got it home and it does not say v2 anywhere on the box. I think the difference between the original and the version 2 is post code entry - does anyone know if this is correct? Dont want to...
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    w124 MB part numbers

    I am looking for the MB part numbers for a few items for my 95 e300 diesel estate - most important being the rear silencer box - can I find the part numbers on line somewhere please? I want to be able to plug the number into the parts reunited site.
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